Haven 1.6: "Fur"

Just when I thought I had a handle on the connective threads of this show, this episode comes along and throws a bit of a complication into the theory. Previous "curses" seemed to be linked to a particular individual's unfulfilled need or desire. Had this situation been confined to the current generation, then it would have fit the pattern.

Instead, it turns out that this particular family has been carrying the ability to reanimate stuffed versions of their loved ones for generations. How that's supposed to work is left rather open-ended; even the characters remark that this is just plain impossible to explain or comprehend. Sometimes that is the mark of a plot point being established, but more often it is a sign that a writing staff just wanted to play with an idea and didn't know how to make it all fit in the end.

There are a couple of caveats to the criticism and disappointment. If the theoretical theme holds true for the "current" crisis in Haven, then one could assume that the same mechanism (vague as it currently is) would apply to previous periods like "The Troubles". And there's a definite sense that the "curses" recur periodically anyway. So the desire for a loved one to remain alive may have originally been fulfilled during one of those earlier periods, with the effect tracing down through the bloodline.

Also, the main plot wasn't related directly to the generations of stuffed family members. It was actually the reanimation of animals stuffed in a similar manner by a reanimated member of that family. So the theme holds true in terms of the current timing and the current manifestation of the "curse"; it's more the deeper context of the situation that seems not to fit as well.

I found Nathan's potential relationship with a local "witch" to be a far more interesting development. Jess appears to have an agenda, though it's unclear what that could be at this point. Part of it is clearly making Nathan feel more comfortable with his "curse". Could she know more about the true nature of the activity in Haven? Either way, having more recurring characters to give Haven a deeper context is a step in the right direction.


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