Pushing Daisies 2.9: "The Legend of Merle McQuoddy"

Fans of "Pushing Daisies" received a small slice of good news this week. While the series is still cancelled (extremely minor details aside), Bryan Fuller has made an effort to give the final episode more closure. It's probably going to be as fleeting a sense of completion as the "ending" of "Journeyman" was last season, but it's something. (Now the question is: will ABC even bother to air the final three episodes, or just dump them onto the inevitable DVD package?)

With another episode heavy on the ongoing plot elements, this is good news indeed. Because as I've said before, that's the side of the series that I enjoy the most, and the part that had the least chance of receiving the aforementioned closure. Now, if nothing else, I can hold out hope that Chuck's father and his decision to be Dead Man Driving will amount to something when the final curtain falls.

I loved the emphasis on the nature of the relationship between Chuck and Ned, and how Charles Charles continually challenged Ned's assumption that it was a good thing. This is a modern fairy tale, of course, so the love between the piemaker and his undead paramour cannot be in true jeopardy. But that doesn't mean that Charles Charles can't make things hilarious in the attempt!

I'm also warming up to the Emerson/Olive private eye connection that has emerged. It gives Olive a lot more to do, and in terms of her revived lust for Ned, it gives her an ally. After all, Emerson barely tolerates Chuck on the best of days (not unlike his reaction to most of humanity), so why wouldn't he want to help Olive in her little quest?

In short, this was another episode that reinforces why the series will be so missed by fans and critics alike.


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