Being Human 2.1

I wasn't the biggest fan of the first season of "Being Human". The first few episodes felt a little forced to me, especially the comedic elements that were tossed into the mix. The story was always much better when it focused on the tensions within the supernatural community, and once Herrick's plot to take control became the primary focus, the show was much better for it.

In that respect, I wasn't all that thrilled with the main characters. Mitchell was fine, since he was mostly tied to the vampire plot. Annie and George, on the other hand, were less consistently. Annie had her deeper moments, but she tends to be flighty from my perspective. George was just too bumbling at times; his relationship with Nina and his role in the resolution of the first season arc was his saving grace.

So it's probably not surprising that I enjoyed the portions of the premiere that dealt with the fallout of Herrick's demise and George's psychological fallout from committing murder. And, of course, his accidental infection of Nina. I love the idea that Herrick's death will spill into various repercussions. And I liked Daisy quite a bit!

I'm also intrigued by this organization that has taken it upon themselves to handle the threat posed by supernatural creatures. It's a bit of a standard take on the idea, of course, but it always seems to pat when humanity is completely unaware of the true existence of these creatures, when they interact with society on a regular basis. Sooner or later, enough people will recognize the situation and act to eliminate a threat, regardless of whether a more peaceful solution might be found.

Still, in the end, Annie is my least favorite character. Her subplot was more silly than serious, and that grated on my nerves. I know some were likely thankful for the comic relief, given how dark the second season is already, but I suppose I just haven't warmed to the character yet. I also suspect that it's the actress that is failing to sell the character.


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