Burn Notice 4.10: "Hard Time"

It's hard to believe that this show is almost done for the summer. But it did start earlier than most other summer shows, and the fact that the season arc is heating up makes the impending hiatus all the more bittersweet.

The highlight of recent episodes for me has been the renewed focus on the season arc. The Kendra sub-arc was a complete waste of time, but the recent action has notched up the tension in the Jesse situation while also pulling Michael deeper into the fight against the Organization. I can't say that I picked up on all the nuances regarding Simon and his past history with Michael, but the implications were clear enough.

The information at the end of this episode may provide an out for Michael when Jesse learns the truth about his own situation. Jesse is going to react badly, and could become Michael's worst enemy. But if Michael has compelling evidence that the same person was ultimately responsible for both their situations, then I can see things taking the unexpected route, with the current Team Westen remaining more or less intact and going after Vaughn.

The episodic elements of the story didn't work quite so well for me. I thought Sam's scenes with Juan were played for too much sentimentality, and while there was a palpable sense of danger, I thought it was far too easy for Michael to keep himself and Juan alive. Keeping Cruz at bay is one thing, but if there were that many people under his thumb, Michael and Juan should have been fending off attacks left and right.


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