Warehouse 13 2.8: "Merge with Caution"

Overall, I thought this episode did a nice job of maintaining the two-team setup with Pete/Myka and Artie/Claudia, while still changing things up by having them both out of the warehouse and dealing with artifacts. It kept the story moving forward on a brisk pace, which turned out to be vital.

First, the good: I love seeing the Artie/Claudia dynamic unfold. Artie is often so jaded, and Claudia forces him to look at things from a different perspective. And in turn, he keeps her grounded, even if only in relative terms. The net result is that Claudia is becoming a viable agent, slowly but surely, and breaking out of the box that the warehouse always threatens to become. And she's taking Artie with her, which is a serious bonus. (In contrast to Leena, who apparently exists only to provide exposition when Artie and Claudia, characters that are actually interesting, aren't around to do that.)

I also liked seeing more of the lives of our main agents. Pete's relationship has certainly gotten more serious. (And the editors pushed the boundary of the channel's standards department with that gaping button-down shirt, didn't they?) Myka's reunion also served its purpose. It's great to see two agents who acknowledge each other's attractiveness, but don't go down the typical path of sexual tension.

All that said, the body-switch plot device has been done so many times that it's just plain annoying now. I understand it's fun for the writers and the cast, but at this point, the comedy of the situation has been all but tapped out. And it really only works when the cast is able to pull off the right line delivery and body language. Neither Eddie McClintock nor Joanna Kelly sold me on the notion that they were Myka and Pete, respectively. So during that part of the episode, I was constantly getting pulled out of the story.


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