I've been an avid watcher of all three series, and each one of them has a special place in my heart. Here's my breakdown of winners of each category explaining why:

1. Head of the department: Gil Grissom (Las Vegas - former)

As much as I love Mac Taylor (NY) for his zeal and loyalty and Horatio Caine (Miami) for his funny one-liners every time the show cuts to commercial, Grissom is what started all the CSI madness for me. I loved him from the start, which is really saying a lot because I hate bugs.

2. Field Team: New York team

They seem like the most cohesive bunch and their pasts and personalities don't seem as clashing. They are also the only team that I didn't start to immediately dislike when I started hearing about their pasts. Normally, you like people better the more you get to know them. Miami did not work for me. Las Vegas the reaction wasn't as immediate, but their personal problems seemed too extreme for me.

3. Scientists: Las Vegas team

They're focused on a lot, and they all have their unique personalities. This makes them the automatic favorite, because everyone gets to know them. New York doesn't really qualify -- their scientific team *is* their field team basically. Miami's scientists bugged me a bit, but they also didn't get the same amount of screen time as the Las Vegas team did.

4. Law enforcement officer: Donald Flack (NY)

I could say it's because he's the hottest one, but I also feel like he's got the most open mind and is the most relatable. His loyalty and friendship to the team makes me like him the best. Jim Brass (Las Vegas) isn't too bad. He's got a daughter with a shady a past, but he's reliable. He only barely loses out. Frank Tripp (Miami) is way too racist (see him making all those petty remarks whenever there are cases involving immigrants) for me to like him on a normal basis.

5. Coroner: Dr. Alexx Woods (Miami - former)

I love her. She's always so sweet to everyone and is always there for everyone, especially emotionally. I think this was one of the tougher categories to judge for me, but she's definitely my favorite. Just to complete the set: Dr. Al Robbins is cool and rather amusing with strange little historical anecdotes. Sid Hammerback is quirky and friendly with weirder anecdotes than normal.

6. The City: New York

I've always loved New York. Seeing all the scenes displayed on the show, even if they're crime scenes, is still always exciting. Las Vegas at night is beautiful but the harsh deserts surrounding it makes me a little wary. Miami seems to be displayed way too beautiful. I've never been there (I apologize if I'm wrong), but I feel that it's a little too surreal.

7. Inter-departmental romance: Danny Messer and Lindsay Monroe (NY)

They're seriously the cutest couple, mostly because you get to see the full development of it from the beginning of Lindsay coming in on to the culmination into marriage.

8. Guest stars: Miami

Wow. Zac Efron, Jeremy Sumpter, Chris Pine, Amber Tamblyn... The list goes on and on. I'm not saying that the other series don't have impressive lists, but Miami's makes my eyes pop.

So, in all, I like CSI: NY the best. It's also the one I've kept up with the best as well, so I may be a little biased. Who are your favorites?


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