Sheriff is smarter than we initially thought (spoilers)

anyone else think that the sheriff might have locked jason up not because he thinks jason, but to prove his innocence? i mean he never really thought jason was that guilty anyhow and that was not a confession. like bellefleur said we need some concrete evidence other than coincidence. also, bellefleur may be the funniest character,


| 22:22 EST, 25 Nov, 2008
I think you guys are looking way to deep into this
| 14:13 EST, 20 Nov, 2008
i think Andy Belfleur is related to Bill. Like Bill is his great great Grandaddy or something. There seemed to be a look in Bill's eye when he first heard Andy's surname. I think alyria is right about the sherrif. He just knows Jason too well! He is hilarious tho. Kinda reminds me of Deputy Dog! lol!
| 10:45 EST, 20 Nov, 2008
I think you present an intersting point. I am intrigued to see if it shall pan out.
| 02:42 EST, 20 Nov, 2008
I don't think the sheriff is particularly smart. I think he knows Jason didn't do it because he knows Jason. I think he has a mistrust of vampires so strong that he must find one guilty. Andy on the other hand seems to have a secret crush on Bill or something with the way he defends him.

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