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"After the Fall #1" 1 November 21, 2007

Los Angeles has been a demon war zone for months after Wolfram & Hart literally sent the entire city to hell in retaliation to Team Angel's actions in "Not Fade Away". Angel, having tamed a dragon, rescues citizens from the destruction and sends them to Connor, Gwen, and Nina for sanctuary. Meanwhile, the deceased Wesley is now an incorporeal representative of Wolfram & Hart, and Gunn has been turned into a vampire.

"After the Fall #2" 2 December 19, 2007

Angel travels to Santa Monica to protect Connor from a demon lord whose son Angel killed. Gwen tells Angel that there's a new player in the game, and shows him a phrase written in blood. Angel realizes who the person is and heads to Beverly Hills, where he reunites with Spike, who has become lord of the area and lives surrounded by harem of humans and demons. Angel and Spike fight briefly, and Illyria appears in defense of Spike. Meanwhile, Gunn has kidnapped Betta George and reveals that he blames Angel for being sired and wants revenge.

"After the Fall #3" 3 January 14, 2008

Angel is attacked by Illyria, and gravely wounded. The Hell dimension is playing havoc with Illyria's powers, and she is time-skipping as she did in "Time Bomb." Connor arrives revealing that he and Spike have been working as partners; Spike's "Hugh Hefner" lifestyle is part of his act. Angel confronts the Lords of Los Angeles, and challenges them to a battle for all of Los Angeles in two days. On the final page, Angel's inner monologue reveals his wounds are mortal, and he is no longer a vampire.

"After the Fall #4" 4 February 20, 2008

At Wolfram and Hart, Angel is healed through mystic chants that fix his mortal wounds. Two demons arrive and beckon Angel to follow them, while outside, Gunn prepares for an attack on the building. Angel and Wes are taken to the town of Silver Lake, which is ruled by their old ally Lorne, who notifies them of his neutral stance concerning the upcoming battle. After Angel has a reunion with Groosalugg, Gunn and his vampire minions plant a bomb in the empty Wolfram and Hart building, completely destroying it. Wesley's ghost fades away as Angel prepares for the battle ahead.

"After the Fall #5" 5 March 19, 2008

Wesley has been transported to a void, where he has an argument with a disembodied voice over his role of being the last representative of Wolfram and Hart. Angel's allies consider their options with Spike being the most vocal about his desire to depart. The battle begins with Angel and all his friends at his side, thanks to Lorne's last minute rousing. Spike asks Angel for help concerning Illyria, as Wesley is returned from Hell and joins his companions. Spike reveals he never would have come to aid Angel had he known Wesley would be there. Illyria turns her attention to the scene, notices Wesley's arrival, and reverts back to Fred.

"After the Fall #6: First Night Part 1" 6 April 2, 2008

Bookended by images of Betta George in captivity, the 'First Night' stories of Spike, Connor, and Lorne are presented in three sections. In the first section, Spike switches from self-congratulation and thoughts of retirement into defending innocents — including Illyria, who initially appears as Fred. The second segment displays Connor's internal conflict as he considers rejoining the fight, and is then inevitably drawn into it. The third section is presented in a cartoonish rhyming style, showing Lorne's path from Lindsey's murder to becoming lord of Silver Lake.

"After the Fall #7: First Night Part 2" 7 May 7, 2008

The second 'First Night' issue initially focuses on Wesley's after-death awareness, including a visit from an unnamed female temptress who is acting on the Senior Partners' behalf. She pretends to be Fred, but Wesley is not fooled. The scene then shifts to Connor's situation; Kate Lockley arrives, armed to the teeth, and "rescues" Connor, taking him to h


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Angel & Buffy comics animated

I found these on youtube, they're great if you don't have access to the comics and still wanna know what's going on

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