people who dont like the show. what good reason for this?

its 10 times better than the original series. who cares if the car has changed? it has more functions and gadgets, and the special effects are amazing. if you know anything about cars, mustang is awesome. KITT is 10 times cooler than the original.

i doubt the haters have watched more than 3 episodes? dont judge a book by its cover!

the acting is better, the plot is better, the cast is better, the car is better, the special effects are better, the women are hotter, the action is better, the comedy is better, and therefore certainly more entertaining. (the list goes on)

david hasselhoff was annoying, and his relationship with kitt was so cheesy. the stunts were not interesting to watch, and the enemies were so easy to catch and kill.

with cliff hanging/eye catching moments that make you wonder "whats gonna happen next?"

new series brings a talking car to life, and captivates the audience with its high quality graphics, making it convincing and appearing realistic.

haters have prob grown out of knight rider , chances are that majority haters are older now (OAP), and obviously very fussy. i think they should just accept change, or just dont watch it. at least dont create bad reviews that can cause the show to be cancelled. unfair on the fans..

fans of the original series have had their joyous moments with knight rider, and now its time for the younger generations to watch.

this series hasnt been promoted enough, and people need to be made aware for this show to continue. target market needs to be established.

i never really liked the original when i was younger, and still dont like it now.

i actually watch alot of the shows out right now, and this is by far the best one, and im very impressed and think this show is money well spent.

after every episode, it just makes me want more and more. cant stand the suspense. alot of close call/cliff hanger moments which catches my attention for sure.

give this show a chance!!! if hot girls, cool cars, lots of action with a dash of comedy, whats not to like about this show?



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Oct 23, 2008 5:37PM EDT

i've watched the first episode and couldn't really get into it to much...maybe i need to watch more episodes to actually get into the series

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Oct 27, 2008 6:55PM EDT

Ok, I agree that the GT500 is a awesome car, and that the hot girls and nice special effects are cool, but this is not the greatest show ever. I liked the old Knight Rider, but this new one is a bit of a stretch. The old one was cool because it was a car with a supercomputer. It didnt seem that far out of reach, but this new series has a mustang turning into a F-150 or an econovan. There are just so many things wrong with that.
I agree with many of your points, which is why I like the show. I dont love it, I like it. But the days of muscle cars ruling the street have ended. Dont get me wrong, there is still, and always will be a cushioned seat for muscle cars, but today, guys dont dream about owning a muscle car and racing in the street. They dream about big Cadillacs and Mercedes that they can pimp or whatnot. Or they dream about having little 4bangers with a turbo. They number of people who are the diehard muscle car fanatics have gotten smaller.
It is nice to see what knight rider looks like in our new age, but with the way things are today, I dont see it lasting past this first season.

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Oct 30, 2008 12:34PM EDT

hey when is the next episode coming on?

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Nov 11, 2008 11:02AM EST

I watched every episode, and I'll tell you much of the show is crap. I still like it for the car, but its literally the worst writing ever.
If you really liked the show in the current iteration, bad news: its being rebooted again.Apparently, "[...] Knight Rider was beat across the board by Cuidado con el Angel.(1)"
Ergo... Knight Rider prtty much sucks. I want it to live, but to be completely revamped. These writers suck; seriously, its the cheesiest/corniest show out there. They need to make it a tad bit serious. Even if it were a tenth as serious as 24, it would be better by miles.
NBC, thank goodness you're fixing it, but be careful - fix it the right way.
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