Parker and Alec

What about parker and alec getting together r sumthin....they're both slightly odd, same kind of broken home background... I dno i'm a few behind. I just wanted solace that i'm not completely crazy and theres at least one person out there that thinks there's a possibility! Or sumthing like u see them getting closer and then during one of the jobs they kiss but then they're like no we're like brother and sister, in a funny freaking out kind of way..



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Feb 6, 2009 12:47AM EST

The only romance option I see on Leverage is Sophie & Nate.
I just can't imagine Parker in a romantic situtation, shes like a robot :P

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Feb 6, 2009 2:38PM EST

hahaha That's so true! (Parker = Robot) But see the thing is I actually want to see what she would be like in that situation... I think it would be a good twist for her character and we'd actually get to see another side of her. As for Nate and Sophie.. ugh. If they get together it's going to ruin the show a little.. it's always better seeing 2 people who love each other pine for each other rather than actually getting together.. cause once they get together that's it, it's done, no more banter, no more inappropriate remarks, no more pining, no more struggles... it just becomes..dare I say, boring.

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Feb 8, 2009 12:59PM EST

I don't want to see Sophie and Nate's too soon for that kind of complication. I say the writers need to take a Mulder/Scully view of it and not mess up the show.
I think Parker would do just fine in a romance...I rather liked her on anti-depressants. She seemed warm. Her character is so comical that there's alot to work with. Just don't know about the actress who plays her...Not sure she's versatile enuf. Time will tell.

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Feb 23, 2009 6:23PM EST

I agree with the anti-depressants remark!I loved that!It showed her as a different person.she obviously has a kind of compassionate side to her under all the oddities of her character.
I think there shud b an outside influence in the show, i mean where are all the families and friends? well we know all the family stories. But did all of them not make any friends at all!? there's no deception outside the group because they seem to be all they have.. I think it wud b interesting if there was sum1 outside the group that didnt no wat they were all up to.but is it too late to bring that in?

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