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ANTM is a very controversial show, there are times when the girl you are rooting for actually wins and another time when she, well, tanks. Whitney won this season and it makes me wonder, did she win because they needed a first full figured model or did she really win on her merits. I thought the show was all about fashion and pictures, I mean thats what a model is about, right? If that is what the show really is then honestly Anya should have won. I mean the judges spoke about her taking the better pictures, and having the ability to sell the dress. Hello? I thought that between W and A, Anya should have definitely won, and its not because I am fighting out a full figured woman. But the show should be won on the winner's merit and not to create history.



Aug 12, 2008 9:31AM EDT

Yes, Wittney puts the Sex in that dress, but Anya is the 'maneken' doll which would sell it. HOWEVER, women would by something that will make them look sexy, every woman dresses up nice and sexy for their man, or for men in general. And most women don't look like Anya, Wittney though does. And the Model indistry that has forced the stick figure models for too long. If you check back in history, a everyday woman weights the most 10 kilos more than a model of that time. Nowadays models can weight down to 40 kilos. while the average woman can be 60-70.
W won to boost women self esteem a little. Anorexia and obessions have gone too far. A full figured woman winning means alot to many. I can't really relate to it, but i can understand their thinking.
Also I believe W was a favorite of most women cause she was fighting against the stick figure stereotype.

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Aug 23, 2008 4:11AM EDT

I completely agree with the previous comment!If it hasn't been noticed that Trya banks sets out to MAKE HISTORY than someone some where has missed a big part of WHY she puts On this show and her talk show and so many other efforts she does for the female community especially. She has tried so hard to show women whether it be young, old, skinny, fat, brown, or white that its ok to be yourself and to ignore the always popular scrutiny that goes on not only in American but all over the world.ALL the women on her show are beautiful, the all look like they can be on covergirls spread sheet in 17. What they also all bring to the table are individuality. All of them have gone through some kind of struggle and what this show should show us is despite how beautiful you are, everyone has problems, some greater than others but that we can also over come them and become something great.

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Aug 27, 2008 2:36PM EDT

I have to agree with the question on why did W win. I understand that not all woman are stick figures... but thoughtout the whole season anya did a better job. W's pic. came out fake... (said many times during the show...I would love for a full figure woman to win... but for her merits... and because it is deserved... not to go down in history or to prove that they don't only pick "stick figures."This competition is to find the best model!

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Sep 6, 2008 9:34PM EDT

What is this crap with the 'transgender' model. Don't get me wrong if Isis was a woman i would root for her and even though he she it is a man i'm still kind of pulling for ... Isis however Tyra etc seem to be looking for viewers and this is not the way to get them. I can see alot of contestnats being angered by the fact that this is suppose to be a female model competition. please do correct me if i'm wrong... does the word model suggest male AND female constestants??!

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