Smallville and where it stands wth other super power shows

ok, so maybe sv doesn't have award winning acting or mega realistic effects, but there is enough to get by and they are believable to people with imaginations. maybe there are filler episodes but thats what makes it worth somthing, compared to heroes where every episode the world is about to explode, its nice and slow, and the writing is impecable. to see Lex go from a best friend where i don't want him to go bad, to a bad guy i want to see miserable is extraordinary. to people who judge heroes, a show that was created in the last decade, to superman, which has been around for more than fifty years, i wanna punch them, maybe heroes would have still been around without shows like sv but i still cherish shows that don't have to make it like the world is going to end every season to get an audience. And for the record i love heroes but putting down sv to heist heroes in the air is something a snot nosed pop culture brat would do because they are ignorant of american past times and just common sense, i mean look at the dates, heroes has 2 1/2 seasons sv has 6 1/2, by plain second grade math deduction heroes is the younger show, if any thing the creator Tim Kring wishes he created superman, heroes just has a bunch of powers we've seen in comics since their origin, however i'll say it again, i love heroes, so when you want a show like sv think of the story of the hare and the turtle slow n steady wins the race, and from my opinion heroes is like a bottle rocket, sv is like a cannon slow to load but packs a punch...


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