Idol Finale- Adam vs. Kris - Who will win it?

It is indeed a shame how this entire season (after all the great performances that I recently caught up through the power of the Internet) has to be sucked into an awful finale night of awful songs written by the most awful judge in the American Idol History (including guest judges)-yeah, that Kara lady. Anyway, getting back to the performances; the two contestants were to perform three songs each; 1-Encore from a previously performed song on Idol; 2- Song chosen by Idol honcho Simon Fuller; 3-Winner’s single-Written by Kara.

Adam Lambert goes first with -Mad World (Tears for Fears)

Judges verdict:

Randy: Loved the fog and the long coat

Kara: You are an incredible artist

Paula: You gave us a theatrical taste

Simon: It was a bit over theatrical — it reminded me of Phantom of the Opera

My call: It was a bit OTT theatrical, something on the lines of Dracula meets the musical. Did no justice for Adam’s vocal range and definitely not for his finale showcase. The staging overshadowed the vocals and the performance, and the arrangement wasn’t exciting enough. Too many complaints from this performance but we love Adam anyway!!

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