90210 Finale

truthfully i've never really thought that music was a good part of 90210 it just sort of transitioned between storylines but thats besides the point. did anyone else notice that the ending song when adrianna is giving up her baby was one of the most known songs that was played on one tree hill? It just seems weird that the cw would use the same song twice. Also on another topic....Adrianna's adoptive parents named the kid maisy or daisy or something?? Really...? Becuase thats a sucky name...they should have named her Ade or something.


Also i think that it would be very weird if ethan were booted off the show from Annie running him over....(even though i hate Shenae Grimes's acting and if her character went to jail and left the show it would make me cry tears of joy) realistically she would never be able buy her way out of vehicular homicide when she was under the influence of alcohol. Also i think that Liam will tell Naomi that it was Jen but Naomi wont believe him since he just cheated on her and its her sister were talking about. I also really hope that Dixon and Silver stay together because before the bipolar attack they were the second cutest couple on the show... besides Navid and Adrianna of course. I also dont know how Annie is going to live through the social suicide that she just committed by calling the cops on Naomi's party hmmmm...also FINALLY we got to see Naomi and Annie go at it since everyone can tell that they hate each other in real life during the fight scene we acutally got some real emotions out of them rather than the fake omg we love each other attitude. Also Ty coming and being all nice after him and Navid got in a fist fight?? Not so believable... lastly the fact that Mr and Mrs Wilson ate pot brownies was hilarious and added a light note to a mostly dark finale.


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