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i tend to find all this zango crap both useless and annoying

are they a major investor or something cuz they are ANNOYING


| 14:50 EDT, 21 Aug, 2008
You gotta love it! First you are subjected to an annoying screen with: "By clicking "Start," I represent that I (1) am at least 18, (2) agree to the EULA and Privacy Policy terms and (3) consent to install Zango and access" Which we can't forget is already selected for you. You then have the option to "Cancel" or "Start". (who is responsible for that?) so you click cancel, right... Now you are presented with this monstrosity: "Are you sure you want to cancel? Zango content on this and other websites is free if you install Zango programs. You can easily uninstall Zango via Add/Remove Programs. Click "OK" to cancel or click "Cancel" to continue the installation and get free access to Zango premium content and websites." You have two options now, "Cancel" OR ""Ok" What do you click, you tell me?
| 14:41 EDT, 21 Aug, 2008
Zango has the most absurd download now screen i've seen and is merely designed to fool unwitting users into downloading the software.
| 11:55 EDT, 21 Aug, 2008
dude, you know what why majority the link here have zango? because zango is a part of their income. if does not put zango they have no point to submit link here. i want to ask all of you that hate zango, you want to pay us for hosting and domain and our time to create and embed code of your favorites tv series??
| 17:43 EDT, 20 Aug, 2008
omg i did some research about these stuffi heard that even if we rid zangoanother one just fills in its place O.o STUPID ADVERTISINGS
| 12:54 EDT, 20 Aug, 2008
an improvement to help rid sidereel of this stuff would be to improve how a user deletes a link. Don't know about you, but when i delete a link, the episode drop down with all links closes, thus you need to click it open again each time you want to delete a link. Deleting a link shouldn't interfere with the UI. There should also be an option to delete a link Without having to confirm it.
| 06:41 EDT, 20 Aug, 2008
what about we should do something about it...
| 22:32 EDT, 19 Aug, 2008
imma new memberwhat can we do to get their attention?
| 20:35 EDT, 19 Aug, 2008
sites containing zango have been reported to admins, but they do not seem to be interested on this topic. :(
| 19:12 EDT, 19 Aug, 2008
Some of the links being removed don't have Zango. If you go into Link History, you will see episode 10 has been added and removed many times but someone posted it in three parts from Zshare and that works fine, I just finished watching the episode. I tried to add the links back but it isn't working.
| 18:06 EDT, 19 Aug, 2008
Yep, I got it just now. Spyware argghh Deleting the shit as I type lol
| 17:56 EDT, 19 Aug, 2008
sounds like hell in a can
| 17:34 EDT, 19 Aug, 2008
It's just the usual ANNOYING adware...It creates a toolbar below the internet address as well as creates a few icons in your task bar... Oh, not to mention: hundreds of pop-ups! It's a nuisance.
| 17:00 EDT, 19 Aug, 2008
so what really happens when you download that crap?ive always been curious to know
| 16:53 EDT, 19 Aug, 2008
Yep, whenever I see one I delete it. Everyone should do the same. I've also said before that the moderators should just delete an account that posts Zango links. It would stop a lot of the bs links!
| 16:36 EDT, 19 Aug, 2008
dude there must be something we can doalmost 70 percent of all links has that stupid zango crap in it
| 16:10 EDT, 19 Aug, 2008
I hate them links to!
| 15:42 EDT, 19 Aug, 2008
dude i cant fall asleep untill i see episode 10 O.o!!!!
| 15:41 EDT, 19 Aug, 2008
I agree. Manipulative, intrusive and useless.

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