sorry but i hate this show its so stupid !!!


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Dec 7, 2008 11:55AM EST

What kind of review is this? "sorry but i hate this show its so stupid !!! " ?How can you criticize something when you can't even spell a ONE letter word?If you don't understand this show, then it must mean that you are an idiot, which, without a doubt, translates into the following fact: you're a kid.How old are you? Not old enough to understand satire or sarcasm. Not old enough to understand what Seinfeld is about.
Seinfeld is the only good sitcom this world has to offer us. No other sitcom can ever dream to come as close or go as far as this show has.
Stick to watching your retarded, no-brainer shows (I read your shitty favorites, go back to school, idiot). Keep watching that shit and try to review something that you can actually understand, like "Friends".
It's a wonder you watch shows like "House" or "Southpark" and even "Family Guy" yet you deem Seinfeld stupid.
I have to wonder just how much you understand of any of the shows I mentioned.
You're an idiot.Next time you do decide to say something is stupid, mention what you dislike or consider to be stupid before posting crap.

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