"This is your chance. Don't screw it up.": Sectionals (1x13) Gleecap

Oh, Glee, why must you do this to me? Why must you give me an absolutely fabulous episode and then leave me for four full months? I mean, I love that you gave me an absolutely fabulous episode and all, but I've got a bit of a hate on you for the leaving for four full months bit. But moving on from that, let's run-down the amazingness that was "Sectionals," shall we?

With sectionals only days away, the supposedly psychic Rachel is suspicious that Puck might be watching Quinn a bit too closely as of late...and the other gleeks, who thanks to Mercedes' big mouth all know the baby daddy truth, are working hard to keep Rachel from finding out and spilling the beans to Finn before the competition. Rachel, however, is simply too smart for all of them and convinces Quinn that she needs to take some super important test to make sure that her baby doesn't have this rare disease – but oh wait, no...that can only happen if one of the parents is Jewish...ahem. Oh, Rachel, you're so devious. Anyway, Quinn tries to quietly tell Puck that he needs to take her to the doctor to get this test done, Rachel sees this secret convo, and, well, everything falls apart. Rachel decides to tell Finn, saying that she wants him to know the truth and be happy, but really, she just wants him to break up with Quinn and be with her. And wow does Finn ever freak the hell out when he finds out (rather understandably): fists are flying, voices are yelling, and Quinn is left crying and looking like a helpless little doe. Finn storms out of the room saying that he wants nothing to do with Quinn, Puck, or any of them for that matter...

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