[Spoiler] I was just wondering that it's quite early for them to marry... And quite suddenly. I mean, there's been some hints that Irie loves Kotoko, but no real proof. And now it all happens in one episode... confession, parents, marriage... I'm kind of shocked and really worried, cause something's bound to go wrong, isn't it?

What do you think?


Jul 16, 2008 3:34PM EDT

I don't think Irie was thinking too clearly at first. All he wanted to do was to save his father's business so he was willing to marry Chris, but once he'd heard Kotoko's friends say that Kinnoske (I'm not sure that's right) had proposed it gave Irie the jolt he needed to admit to himself that he loved Kotoko. So next step for him was don't be the loser, get the girl! As for things going wrong, when haven't they with these two. It'll be a chaotic marriage, but somehow it'll work out.

Aug 19, 2008 3:07PM EDT

Have to comment once again on the ongoing trials and many errors of the Irie marriage. I love Kotoko and can tolerate Naoki, but this last episode I will admit to wanting to do away with Naoki and his hard headedness. I kept wondering when he was ever going to get it. I mean come on the man is supposed to be a freaking genius, but he can't figure out why he's feeling the way he is and he doesn't seem to realize that the way he's acting is doing more damage and isn't solving anything. I thought it was funny that it kind of took Kinnosuke to help open up Naoki's eyes. Kinnosuke may not be a genuis, but he's obviously way smarter then Naoki if he was able to figure out Naoki's feelings before he did.Looking back from the first episode to the most recent you can see how each character has grown and matured. However, I'm still waiting to see Kotoko finally find her niche in life. There got to be something somewhere that she's good at.I'm really enjoying this anime and I can hardly wait for the next episode. Thank you so much for posting this.

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