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Oh my God, that was like the worst CPR I've ever seen. They should just have left it out, it was really ridiculous. That ambulance guy didn't even put the shocking devices on the right place... :-( And if they really have to say the strength of the shock, it should at least be the right one ;-)


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May 9, 2008 7:55AM EDT

CPR is mouth to mouth resuscitation and chest compressions - this was a very laughable attempt to show heart fibrillation.The paddles need to contact the skin at least, for goodness sake! I really hope that particular ambulance guy isn't on duty if I ever need him! CPR could have kept his heart beating (even if his brain was dead) until he got to hospital - it's just a pump and if you press down on it, it'll suck in and pump out basically - that's generally why death is "called" at the hospital once the CPR stops and the patient is properly assessed. I know you can't do CPR on a living (actor) person - it's bad for you if your heart is ok - but honestly, I think they could do a better bit of acting. Even Star Trek annoys me - a quick run over with the tricorder and hey, sorry, he's dead... HOW ABOUT TRYING TO RESUS THEN, DOC????Sorry, it's a pet thing of mine!

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