Sad and Sweet

As always with a season finale, I was left with my heart a little warmer, but broken. And left with the finality that I have 4 more months until next season begins.

Beautiful episode - Leonard's portrayal of Wilson's angst was superb. The bus scene with Amber and House both showing their vulnerability was amazing.

Questions to ponder - Wilson and House's relationship? Yes, House got Amber on the bus, but they drilled a hole into House's brain and we were left not knowing if House could even speak!! (he mumbled to Cuddy, remember? No idea of cognitive damage!)

Foreshadow of Thirteen's coming into next season?

Definitely saw the backstep of Chase and Cameron, which sucks. It seems like they got demoted into extras. (ahem, background performers). I liked how Chase was doing the drilling through - shouldn't a neurologist (Forman) be doing that???


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