The Mentalist 'Redemption' review

It looks like the new season of the mentalist premiered with a pretty dissappointing start in my book.

1. The case(s) just wernt that interesting for me, i found the first miny case in the mall extremely predictable and the second one equally so. There just wasnt enough suspects to make it challanging. The suspects that there were, were never really developed or built on and it just didnt hold my attention.

2. I dont know if its me or the show thats changed but previously janes cocky and always right attitude was part of the charm. In this episode i felt it was over-done and slightly annoying. His immature threat to leave and statement that they would be lost without him was just irritating and i felt myself wishing lisbon would leave him out of this case just to teach him a lesson. Also at the beginning, following a gun shot, he just shrugs and walks away as if the potential loss of life hold no interest for him???

3.A pet peeve was how they seem to have dumbed down many of the characters, i dont know if this is an attempt to make jane look smarter or if its an attemot at humour? When vanpelt tries to start the van by poking the steering wheel and turns on the siren e.c.t. In the last season it was rigsy that played this character, the brawn with no brain but a good heart, but in this episode it felt like everyone was playong this role.

****end rant****

One thing i like about this episode was we actually saw a character who didnt put up with janes cr*p!. Bosco, the new detective in charge of the red john case, defenitely had the quote of the show 'i wouldnt direct you to the bathroom if your ass was on fire'!

So what did you guys think of this episode? yah or nah?


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Sep 25, 2009 6:59PM EDT

I agree with you about the Bosco character, think he'll be a good addition to the show. I kind of think that it was meant to peeve the audience about Jane's attitude and snide remark about the team being lost without him, thats the whole point - the episode is called 'redemption'. He's suposed to redeem himself, he says sorry to Lisbon, but he just can't help being his old self. The shrug annoyed the hell outa me!

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