TV Show Supernatural Rating

Supernatural Rating

Amazing Content of this tv show, i'm honestly impressed that Erik Krypke and his team were actually capable of such tv show content, it has an amazing reality with astonishing director and field effects that make the tv show look incredibly real for example when driving the car in the night the light effects are awesome (warner bros. must've used alot of equipment to film that scene).

For other instances, when the show was first released it didn't look much of a show, most reviews were all about "it's just another copy of ghost busters", but then again at season 4 the tv show has adquired an incredibly original content which is pretty much using the good book as their source of script ideas, which is pretty much original and it's hard to find something original nowadays.

The steadycam man is doing an amazing job, the camera moves and doesn't shake at all anytime which is amazing. The visual effects are looking great aswell, the angel wings (after effects?) coming out of the actor. But most of all the one who's doing real good is the director of photography who has an absolute sense of reality and where every projector should be placed to make it the most real as possible - an amazing and truly awesome balance between light and dark, there's never too much light like in every single movie and tv show.

Well either ways this show's original content mixed up with an amazing filming effects deserve a 9.8 from 0 to 10.

from 0 to 5:

Director - 4.2

Director of Photography - 4.9

Camera Man - 3.9

VFX - 3.9

Actors - 4.2

Script - 5.0

ps: im giving 5.0 to the script not only because of it's original content but aswell because of their idea of mixing thriller, action, drama and sometimes comedy.

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Oct 2, 2008 9:46PM EDT

supernatural freaks me out!!! congratulations to the cast and crew!

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