Who likes OC character returrns?

Well if having Ryan's ex Theresa as bad-ass spy Kendra on wasn't enough, the sort-of client this week was uncle Caleb. The reviews on this website amusingly called Kendra both incredble and appalling and I can only say she was fine, acted her part well, certainly smashed her head on the table realistically but acted no better than anyone else, except of course hilarious stereotype client Buddy. This episode wasn't as fast paced or as nailbiting as normal and the final cliffhanger - the bank robbery on the 4th gave huge hints towards the robbery MIchael and Sam solved a couple of weeks back but didn't advertise it. Oddly Sam wasn't in this episode much - shame. Still with Jesse's involvement stepped up more, his betrayal when he figures out his burn notice is sure to be an episode to remember.


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