Justified: Boy, do we need an action hero like Deputy Raylan Givens! (Spoiler Alert!)

Finale of Justified absolutely floored me. It was not at all what I expected -- it was better! The story lines have shot off in all sorts of different, exciting, and unexpected directions:

After a truly epic body count above, on, and in the ground:

Boyd is chasing a female gunthug toward (one assumes) Miami (hope he stops to get some sleep and have his wounds dressed);

Ava is running through the woods outside Bulletville;

Cousin Johnny's survival of a shotgun blast to the gut is still questionable;

Dewey Crowe's whereabouts and brain activity are both still mysteries;

Gary is at his club sulking about Raylan. He'll soon be doing more than sulk, one assumes;

Winona is ... well ...;

Art seems to be delighted that the U.S. Marshals' office he heads up has more to worry about than changing its brand of coffee;

Our Deputy and ex-Ranger sniper needs more work, as does Deputy Rachael -- both so far underused;

Arlo still can't get rid of his "son" no matter how hard he tries to betray, kill, or sell him to the Miami drug cartel;

AND, Raylan didn't have a bullet left in his Glock .45 for Boyd, but somehow he wouldn't have shot him even if he had -- we all know that, don't we?

What an awesome series... It is going to be unbelievably difficult to wait for Season 2's premiere.

I've already pre-ordered from Amazon all of the Season 1 episodes. It 's always a long, hot, summer here near Tombstone (and I do mean HOT). However, until Justified's Season 2 begins at least I can watch Season 1 when I need a fix.

Boy, are we all in need of a great action hero or what right now! Let's hear it for Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens!


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