Pushing Daisies Creator to Bring Heroes Back to Life?

Will Pushing Daisies creator and former Heroes writer Bryan Fuller bring new life to NBC's struggling series?

Jimmy Jean-Louis (aka The Haitian) tells TVGuide.com the rumblings about a return are real.

Should Fuller head back to Heroes, where he was a writer and co-executive producer when it first launched in 2006, he would come amid the show's abrupt shakeup in which producers Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander were ousted this week.

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Nov 7, 2008 5:56PM EST

Just recent to the tv reviews scene, so I'm wondering what are the actual statistics re: the "struggling series". Are the ratings down that much? (I know I'm enjoying the show - from what I've seen of S1 and S2, the first seven or so episodes are rather slow of each season, before they pick up.)
I usually don't like changes in writers. That sometimes leads to things like the main villain suddenly and randomly finding out he's brothers with the main hero. :D
Here's hoping things work out. :)

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Nov 10, 2008 12:31PM EST

If anyone has read the comments left on the link to TV guide, I cannot possibly add more without being redundant. I have not watched Heros, and nor do I plan to; thus, obviously, I choose Daisies. Heros, if I may be so presumptuous as to infer is a show about characters with super powers (invisibility, super speed, super strenghth, etc.) This allows Heros to be lumped in with the other comic book/ superhuman programs on, (ie, Smallville, Kyle XY, etc). There are DOZENS of shows like these, but ONLY ONE PUSHING DAISIES. Only one show combines an uncanny ability with such adorable plotlines, outrageous scenery, and the (as one commenter put it) Lemmony Snicket narration allowing adults to forget their worries for an hour and enjoy the type of innocent story time entertainment their lives had previously been deviod of.
I find I am yet again repeating the commenters of the TV guide article, but putting a new show like Daisies in a prime time slot and asking it to compete is too much. I honestly agree that it would draw more viewers either on a later time slot, with a strong heading show to draw in viewers, OR placing it on a Sunday or Friday night where its competition is mostly sports and news; and come on, who wouldn't pick "a gem" like Dasies over sports and news?

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