Episode Eight, "Chuck vs. The Gravitron"

Revenge can be sweet, can't it? On this week's Chuck, we find out what happens to you when you break a guy's heart, sleep with his best friend, turn up later to profess your love, and wind up being a government spy. (Short answer: nothing good.) But revenge isn't easy, as Chuck's feelings and general naivete get in the way time and again. To chat about this episode, just read more.

All season, we've built up to Chuck actually being a competent spy, andin "Chuck vs. The Gravitron," he does a lot of rather hardcore stuff: starting the Gravitron; running away into the hall of mirrors; hacking into the Castle's computer system; kissing Jill even after he knows she's out to get him, all for the sake of the mission. No matter how much you were initially rooting for Chuck and Jill's romance, didn't you cheer a little bit when he led her into the "detention" version of the Nerd Mobile?

Not that it was easy. Chuck's emotions get in the way a lot, and once in particular it seems nearly fatal — not just for himself but for Casey and Sarah as well. When Jill's hooked up to the lie detector, he sees his chance to finally get some answers about whether Jill loved him. He's relieved to learn that Jill never slept with Bryce at all; that was just Fulcrum's way of getting her out of the relationship. But at the slightest hint that they could be together again, Chuck gets all stupid and frees her. Sure enough, Chuck has a gun pointed at his brain just seconds later. Good thing he's used to that sort of thing by now.

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