Very poor art direction

The pilot was a true disappointment.

I hate it when writers feel they can make Machines or people (Bionic Woman, Jake 2.0...etc) capable of doing anything and everything; and attribute it to "Nano technology"...


Ford might have scored in getting KITT as a mustang, but the writers really over did it in having every other car in the show a FORD! (Volvo and Rover are owned by Ford).

Only when the car needs to be crashed, it miraculously turns into a GMC.

Also, it seems the final cut of the pilot was rushed out of the editing room and no one cared to run it for a final touch ups.

For example, around 21 minutes into the show, when "black river" dudes are in the chopper, there were 3 chopper takes and everyone was a different chopper!

Also, in the scene when they are on the bridge, Sarah asked KITT to pull over, Mike got out of the car and KITT was cursing behind them. The couple got back into the car and started the engine again. Though the car was already running.

The conversations and dialogues were really boring and far away from being witty or street smart.

The "getting out of trouble" twists are very weak and not very well thought of. Especially when the Mike and the FBI lady were at gun point or when during the last car chase, Mike understood the old guy's plans just from a single "look"..

The sequence of events was very much expected and could easily anticipated and figured out.

Replace the writers, change the production crew and focus a bit on art direction, and show could have potential to match primetime shows like Heroes and 24...


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