My new favorite sci-fi show

When i first saw the occassional episode of Farscape a few years ago, i didn't care for it. With nothing to do, and starving for some new scifi show to watch, i decided to start it from the begining to see if it would get better.

I didn't do anything but watch Farscape for one week. Four seasons of 22 episodes each and a 2 part mini-series all totaling 69 straight hours of viewing later, the only real downside is that I'm out of episodes to watch.

The begining of the show was really entertaining, the introduction of the main character and him being thrown into another part of the universe. As the episodes went on i only got more addicted. It had what i was expecting; space battles, shooting, action-adventure, and a romance plot that i wasn't expecting. Not one for romance over shooting, but it was so well done, by the end of the show, i can say that it was more enjoyable than the gun shooting, explosive blasting, action parts of Farscape.

Great show, easily beats the star trek and stargate shows, and any other show that i can't remember at the time...the scifi hunger has to try Andromeda

For the rest of you you havn't watched....Farscape will sustain you for cycles to come!


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