One Party can ruin Your whole summer. A big WOW to this one

As 90210 goes on, it gets crazier. The part that really got uder my skin was when Anne hit what looked like a person & didn't stop. Even though she was drunk Anne is not that kind of person to hit and run. She better then that. & Another part was when Silver & Ethan 'sorta making out' and all of a sudden love each other. From the passed episodes I saw them getting kinda close but not like this! I think it was all a bit sudden & wa la! their inlove.

Poor Silver's botfriend :[

&& last but def. not least NAOMI & ANNE? what in the world was that? For Naomi to just go to conclusions & break the chicks heart infront of everyone & of course they'll agree with Naomi. Wow.

THEN for Naomi's sister to sleep with her boyfriend?? Shes so fake. Why would Naomi trust her. Shes a hoe for doing that just to get her sister back.

Last, Naomi's boyfriend getting taken away way to dramatically. Can they really just drag you out like that for military school? That was terrible

A big Wow to this one [episode, finale].


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