Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou? - crazy episode =O

This episode was unbelieveable.

U N B E L i E V E A B L E.

I was like quiet or saying "Oh my gosh!" through the whole thing.

I can't believe when Chuck actually has Blair say "I love you" and all he lets her go. The prize he always wanted, he runs away from. I was just so mad when he left her because I thought "Finnally, Chuck and Blair" but then he left, I was shocked. But I knew they were going to have some twist. Just not CHUCK & BLAIR =[

And then to put icing on the saddness. Lily & Bart. My gosh, I love them. It was so sad when they didn't just "run away together and just live happily ever after" lol. But no. I'm so emotional about them, I'm like how will they ever work? And I want them to work out so bad. They are still a "Sad Love Story." And then the Baby! Woah, did she have an abortion? Or is he/she out there?

Then it all comes down to Dan and Serena. Though their not together, I still have the sadisfaction that they are going out Out of The Show<3 lol.

-thats all=]

Whens the next show coming?


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