Do I know you? Season Premiere

Yay, HIMYM is baaaack.

I found the season premiere one of their more meaningful episodes, not so much laugh out loud comedy, but still very enjoyable. Neil Patrick Harris was especially enjoyable in this episode (ie. His softer moments while confessing to Lily) But I wanna know what other people think.

What do you think people? Good start to the season or disapointing and anti-climatic from the last season?



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Sep 23, 2008 2:25AM EDT

I really enjoyed the season premiere. It gave us a well rounded story on all fronts.I thoroughly enjoyed all Marshall moments, he's just so innocent and goofy, makes me laugh. The Ted and Stella story was cool, leading us all on to believing she's the one, but something tells me its not (Older Ted says her name a few times...the kids know their mothers name, wouldn't make sense to me...I dunno). I just thought their story gave a beautiful image to marriage; compromise and sacrifice, but enjoying it because of the person, I liked that. And finally the Barney/Lily/Robin story. I hope something happens between Robin and Barney. As awesome as Barney is, he can't be a womanizer forever, and I find it really interesting to see this side of his character. Robin's job possibility was an interesting little tidbit..I was really waiting for her to say "...but it's in (place other cities name here).Ultimately I loved the episode, it was good laughs, good story, and intriguing. It gives us all something to discuss at the water cooler, and obsess over for the next year.But my theory still stands...Victoria would be back from Germany by now...just saying :DPeace and Blessings!

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Sep 23, 2008 9:17AM EDT

"If Stella doesnt like Star Wars I cant marry her" -how cool was that !
And Barney in love with Robin, how great is that, I was waiting for him to admit it since quite a while now, actually since the episode where the two played that Paintball game together. Clear to see they have so much in common.
Cant wait to see more - I am SOOO glad this show is back.

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Sep 23, 2008 10:00AM EDT

Sanders_Mike.. I totally agree.. Robin's job is most definitely going to be in another city, and I, too, was waiting for her to say where.
Oooh, and Victoria being back from Germany... interesting...
What a great episode!

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Sep 23, 2008 1:39PM EDT

whoa. you guys are all onto something here. I, too, was thinking it would be in another city, but if she didn't say it at the time then i think it'll be an unnecessary twist in our plot. maybe i'm just wanting her to stick around, but if the job is in new york then it'll be like "wow! i'm a cable news reporter now! i wouldn't have gotten this awesome job without barney." and then it'd be a great factor in them hooking up in a relationship. which probably won't happen till next season. (i think barney has alot of character development needed to be ready for robin)
as far as victoria coming back- i don't know. she was nice, but i didn't feel like she had enough screen time to come back. she totally fell off my radar.
and stella being the mother is still possible, he might be using a fake name for her. "what? stella is our mom? but mom's name is ___!" "I know, kids. i used a fake name so you wouldn't be sure." or something like that. but ya know, i think stella is just too early in the series to be the mom. (yes, that may be me just wanting more HIMYM) i'll reserve judgement on who the mom is, because i don't want to know for sure yet. :)

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Sep 23, 2008 7:35PM EDT

oh no! I hadnt thought of robin moving away. It does seem like something the writers might do, to keep us watchers in suspense. But, if she were to leave, would Barney stay in love with her or would his new found tedness give him the need to have a commited relationship? ( I know, I know sacrilege, please don't stone me only speculating) That's only IF she were to leave though, I don't think she will because it will chop up the story unnecessarily and we already had the lily leave town from marshall and the victoria leave to germany fiascos so it would be too similar.
Also, I don't think that Stella is the mom. her having a kid before she marries ted, doesn't quite make sense to me. I know i know she could be a wayy older sister, but that theory also doesnt make sense because the daughter would have been mentioned.I'll bet the whole different name thing is right though, i like it.

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Sep 24, 2008 3:02PM EDT

I agree with MikeTotally thought she was gonna move away when she gets the job at the other news station(i think its gonna happen, shows just end up like this) but then i remembered that at the end of "The Goat" Ted mentions Robin lives with him on his 31st birthday, so she'll have to still be in NY :O

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Sep 25, 2008 10:08AM EDT

OMG I had totally forgotten about the goat, and Robin living in Ted's apartment!!! we know that Robin's going to go live abroad eventually (from future Ted) but wouldn't it be awesome if she leaves and Barney just buys a ticket on her flight :) it's a very Barney thing to do- impulsively jump onto planes! that's how things go in my head!

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Oct 21, 2008 7:22PM EDT

Unfortunately I haven't seen any of the episodes from the fourth season, but I have came to many conclusions. Many of which agree with a few others, and many that don't agree.
I think anything happening between Robin and Barney would just be weird. Its not Barney's personality, but it could happen I suppose. He does have a lot of growing up to do and I think it will be awhile if anything does happen with them.
It shocked me when I realized by putting the ideas of the story together that Robin and Ted live together. But what I am not sure of is who else, if anybody, is living with them. Maybe Robin and Barney get together and live with Ted, but why would Barney give up his apartment with the AWESOME TV's. Maybe Robin and Ted get back together and decide to move into his apartment because Lily and Marshall have their own place. Its all still a mystery, that I cant wait to solve.
On the idea of Stella being the mother, it cant be. I have an idea who the mother is, and that idea is not her. Remember back on the St. Patty's day episode at that party. Ted said that the mother was at that party and as far as I know, Stella wasn't there. And the fact of the kid, I think Ted's kids would have put something together about having an older sister if it was Stella. I mean yeah Stella is a great girl, but she just doesn't seem like the type of person that Ted would actually spend the rest of his life with. I mean I could be wrong, but it just doesn't seem right to me. Plus if you look at the kids, they really don't have any resemblance to show that they are Stella's.
So I have came to a conclusion that I think it pretty good about who the mother is. Take a watch in the third season on the St. Patty's day episode and watch carefully. Maybe you will see what I saw!!
PS. Has anybody bought the book of Barney's? The Bro Code?

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