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Who cares?

Who gives a crap about the lives of these talentless cookie cutter Disney "pop stars"? I can't even call these guys musicians without dirtying my soul a little bit and here comes a show documenting their lives. Who really needs to see this show? Let me guess, they're making truck loads of cash, but they feel incomplete somehow and just want a normal life on the side. The face the many heart wrenching decisions that just tear at them emotionally whenever they aren't rolling in wads of cash that they 'earned' because disney pimped them out to teenage girls all over the world. Thanks a lot television, you've done it again.


| 21:37 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
i agree they are ovbiously not talentless, they do write their own songs, which yea is more than most people do now. They also play live, which i a big thing take madonna britney spears all of them charge extorionate prices 2 lyp sync badly to their own songs. with that said im not a massive jb fan, i like some of their music so thought d give tis a watch and i do think its quite good. it's just a bit of harmless fun for tweens to enjoy watching, i dont really see how is expoilting the naievety of children, coz its really aimed at the older ones, like where youre too old to watch the kids programmes and cartoons and things but not quite old enough too watch the teen dramas and that. its good for children that age to have something a bit fun and uplifting to watch so no harm done, i wouldnt mind my children watching things like this when i have them. oh and im not one of their screaming fans btw im a bit old for that lol
| 15:18 EDT, 14 May, 2009
some people actually do like them and they do have talent just not the kind that appeals to guys or the older generation and for the record i am a teenage girl who is not a jonas brothers fan and yes i realize i am on this page but obviously i am not the only non jonas person here you dont like them then dont listen to them or watch them and let the people who do like them get their kicks without some jerk telling them that they have no taste. and again i am not a jonas fan.
| 17:29 EDT, 08 May, 2009
Well jonas brothers first appearance for disney channel was in hannah montanna, and disney liked them so they decided to make a tv show and camp rock for them almost as soon as they done it, but due to the writers strike it wasnt finsihed till now. i wouldnt say they are talentless for a start they do actually write their own songs, which compared to most artists nowwhich have to rely on other people, and its the youngest member of the band that writes the songs, and also its aimed for kids, and for people who dont take life to seriously its just a light hearted kids show for disney, and i say well done to the lads for being successful and writing catchy pop tunes
| 04:57 EDT, 04 May, 2009
i value your opinion, cause everyone has them.but some people are huge jb fact, there are probably more jb fans than non-jb if you don't like the show, then don't watch it.not everything in life has to be so negative. i wonder what shows you watch.
| 14:13 EDT, 02 May, 2009
i care about jonas i am a big jonas brother fan and the jonas brothers are awseome like i under stand though wat u r saying. i personally think for meat leats jonas will be bigger then hannah montana because i am not a hannah montana fan
| 22:48 EDT, 30 Apr, 2009
I don't mind kids liking it at all, in fact I would encourage them to try as many things as they want. The thing that does bug me though is that disney keeps churning out these cookie cutter "stars" to exploit the naivety of children. That bothers me.
| 01:57 EDT, 30 Apr, 2009
This is so true. I can't believe they are making a useless, unnecessary show that is irreverent! I was almost about to begin laughing like a mad man when I saw their ads in magazines and on TV because of how ridiculous this show even seems. I believe they are trying desperately for this show to be a hit like "Hannah Montana". The Jonas Brothers are all ugly and for sure they are making a lot of money to do this show because of all the crazy fan girls who want to be each other by loving them. Basically, this show will be crap.
| 18:43 EDT, 28 Apr, 2009
You know this is a very good point made. They are completely talentless but they are making money. What does that say about the youngsters nowadays. I'll tell you what it means that they are just as clueless as we were when we were their age. Now if you don't like the Jonas Brothers, as I openly express whenever they are discussing their promise to GOD to stay "virgins" don't watch the show, but don't take it away from the children they need their regrets from their childhood. Let's just hope this is their biggest one. xoxoxoxoxLiveinLove
| 12:13 EDT, 28 Apr, 2009
That is precisely why I hate the idea of this show. The glorification of talentless teenagers playing bland noise that I can't in good conscience call music is just so terrible.
| 02:10 EDT, 28 Apr, 2009
I just think it's ridiculous. I enjoy food, and I feel a little dead inside when I see people advertising fast food as "good" or terrible beer as "drinkable."
| 21:43 EDT, 26 Apr, 2009
well perphaps if you posted something constructive about the show then i might actually listen you :)
| 20:10 EDT, 23 Apr, 2009
Going by your "who cares what you think" logic, there would be no point in anyone ever posting discussions of any kind since no one cares about what anyone else thinks if it disagrees with their own opinions. Everyone would just go around replying to posts that agree with what they feel/think so that their egos won't have to suffer any.
| 19:10 EDT, 23 Apr, 2009
right.but then again who cares what you thinkit's a light hearted show aimed at youngsters, i.e. kids i.e. not you !

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