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Does anybody know of a very good sub fan service that does Naruto Shippuden?? I ask this because I just found out that Dattebayo Fansubs, LLC will no longer be doing fansubs for the anime. So I was wondering if anybody knew of another good fansub service that does english subs for Naruto Shippuden?



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Jan 12, 2009 3:59PM EST

don't know if you have read the original "press release" from DB, but:"And though I don't dare take credit for it, that's now happening. Viz, the US licensor of Naruto, will be offering streaming viewing of Naruto for free a week after it airs in Japan.
For some small fee, you can pay to see it the same day it airs in Japan over at Crunchyroll starting in January."
If you still want to watch the ILLEGAL fansubs can you always download the new episodes from taka (no website yet).
# files from taka can be found at tokyotosho(.com)

May 21, 2009 9:30AM EDT

just type it in on google eg "naruto shippuden 108 eng sub" and just browse all the links. you'll get 1 eventually if ur looking for a streaming if ur lookin to download it then get bit torent and search it cos theres a guy on their who does shippuden fansubs

Default avatar cat
Nov 10, 2009 12:57PM EST

best is

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