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I love h20

H20: Just Add Water is my favorite TV show in the world. It is so cool how they are half mermaids and half human. I especially love their powers they have... I like all three of their powers equally. But, my favorite character is Rikki. I also think the couples are amazing. ZANE & RIKKI 4 EVER!!!! Rikki isn't dating Zane in real life she is dating Nate (Jamie Timony) from h20. I read it online. So, I could be wrong but it said that so I wanted to tell you guys. H20 does come back on January 5, 2009 in Australia. <~ A myspace page said that.


| 16:41 EDT, 07 Sep, 2008
Well Nate wasn't in that many eps. But wtvr! I can't wait either!
| 19:36 EDT, 06 Sep, 2008
well i think they were going out because when you work with someone on a movie or a tv show you get really close to them. but yeah im really happy they broke up.i cant wait for season 3!!!
| 14:08 EDT, 31 Aug, 2008
seriously! Nate is so blech! Whoa that was weird sorry! :P I mean, why was she even interested in him at ALL?!?!
| 10:59 EDT, 31 Aug, 2008
good thing they broke up though i mean ugh Nate and rikki it just made me want to puke
| 19:01 EDT, 30 Aug, 2008
U all rock! Well I_love_h20 I agree with u all the way! And yeah at first i thought that rikki and nate were dated too because i saw a pic. I posted it on Cariba's sidereel site. here is the link.
| 19:32 EDT, 25 Aug, 2008
Omg i feel the same way! H2o is my fav show! lol! that rhymes!
| 18:51 EDT, 25 Aug, 2008
Oh okay then. I probably did read an old article. Thanks 4 telling me.
| 17:57 EDT, 25 Aug, 2008
Rikki for the millionth time is dating Zane in real life her and Nate broke up you must of been reading an old article or it might of been by someone who hasn't heard the news yet

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