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This week's True Blood, 'I Will Rise Up,' was a great episode, but was primarily an episode packed with consequences from last week's 'Timebomb.'

At the end of 'Timebomb,' we got the literal bomb explosion to go along with the entire episode where the build up of the previous episodes this season all exploded. Jason's Fellowship of the Sun rival, Luke, appeared at the vampires' hang out fully suited with a suicide bomb after the vampires kicked butt at the Fellowship of the Sun.

I wouldn't have guessed Luke would be so brave, but I guess it was the final show for him of how unreasonable people can be pushed to be for the sake of a cult-like religious organization. While the bomb caused some serious damage including Luke's hand with the honesty ring being all that was left of him, all our main characters were just fine. Bill missed out entirely being outside saying his final goodbyes to his maker, and Sookie could've gotten taken out, but Eric covered her to protect her.

After Bill checked to make sure Sookie was okay, he went off to help others while Eric convinced Sookie he would only make it if she sucked out the two silver bullets that he took in the chest for her. While Sookie was grossed out, she knew he'd saved her, so she did it. As soon as Bill returned, she was immediately informed by a pissed off Bill that Eric was fine - he just wanted to convince her to suck his blood as that made Eric and Sookie connected.

While I love Eric for being such a mysterious and naughty vampire, I was not thrilled to hear Sookie would be connected to Eric like she is to Bill. Obviously, Bill and Sookie will carry on their relationship and she wouldn't actually willingly give in to her connection with Eric, especially the sexual attraction, but having her dream about it was pretty hot. It turns out a sweeter dream version of Eric and Sookie make a pretty sexy (naked) couple!

I'm very curious to see if at some point Sookie won't be able to resist Eric, but I think he's looking for everything else the connection provides besides the sexual aspects, so he probably won't be trying to take advantage anytime soon.

The other actual non-sexual connection of the episode I enjoyed was Sookie and Eric reconnecting. While they were never that close, it was sad to see them not help each other out with all their troubles last season. Now it seems like the only remaining Stackhouses will be sticking together, and we can look forward to a much more grounded Jason... hopefully.

While that was a good consequence of last week's disastrous episode, the most unfortunate consequence came for Godric. The fact is that we didn't get much time to care about Godric, and I was hoping because of that, he'd stick around for a while, but apparently that wasn't what was meant for him even after being saved from the Fellowship and surviving the bomb.

The episode title of 'I Will Rise Up,' applied to many of our characters as they worked through their piles of issues, but it applied most to Godric as after his council with the vampire spokeswoman, he decided the best way to make things right was to let himself go... by getting burned up and dying.

I wasn't really sad to see Godric go since we didn't get to know him well, but as far as the scene of his exit including Eric breaking down and Sookie standing by Godric, I think it was well-done enough to make us care anyway.

That scene along with the breakdown of the Fellowship makes me wonder where the show will go next along the lines of religion. It seemed this episode was hinting that at some point, it's going to have to be a further conflict over where vampires fall in the lines of good and evil in religious context. It was nice to have Sookie tell Godric she did believe in God, showing that someone could be religious and accept vampires and others who the strict religious don't think belong in the realm of God's love.

I don't particularly want the show to get quite so full-on with the religious aspects again, but the conflict remains interesting as long as they continue to do it in the unique ways of this show.

Beyond all that going on for Sookie and the vampires, we got some developments for Hoyt and Jessica as he tried to get his mother to accept Jessica which didn't go so well, then we also got some big development for the MaryAnn situation both with Tara and Sam! MaryAnn may have set Sam up as Daphne's murderer, but she did not predict Sam's cleverness in escaping from jail after shapeshifting into a fly. Now that made MaryAnn throw away her nice cunning act to blow into Merlott's to track him down, leaving not a cheery person behind.

She also created quite a mess at home as Lafayette and Tara's mom busted in to take Tara from the bizarro abusive house and relationship they believed she was in. We'd seen last week with Tara and Eggs beating each other up the violent physical behavior MaryAnn's able and willing to drive people to as well as the ecstasy.

This led to the dramatic scene of Tara and Eggs attacking Tara's mom and Layfette, which surprisingly ended in Lafayette picking up Tara and rushing her off in the car instead of Tara and Eggs taking them out as I expected. While I don't want Tara to be with her mom who I don't think will ever really reform, I do think she needs to get away from MaryAnn... which according to MaryAnn, won't last long.

So what will come next? As was very well advertised in the exciting promo at the end of the episode, there are only 3 episodes left for Season 2, so what will happen?? It looks like there's lots of MaryAnn drama to go down which I'm sure needs to include a resolution for the Sam portion of that. But what else will happen? Are we done with the Fellowship of the Sun? What further repercussions from the vampire-haters do you think will come from last week's vampire victory?




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Jun 6, 2016 4:46PM EDT

I hope that Eric and Sookie make some moves, i dunno i would like to see them together for some time just because i'm tired of Bill and Sookie xD! but i love them too, just too put some juice on the relationship and i wanted to see more from Godric too, but at the end, he finished himself very well and watching Eric crying broke my heart! he looks so lovely and vulnerable!and i hate MaryAnn, so bad!!! hope she dies very tragic! and she has to suffer xD! i hope that the 3rd season comes with more and more action!!! sex and candy! :)love jessica and hoyt, and finally he gave what his mom's deserves!


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Aug 17, 2009 6:13PM EDT

Quite a good episode, not as good as the last, and im disappointed that Godric died as I expected him to play a bigger part and be the main authority being old and powerful, also he could kick anyones ass, and i presumed he may be the one that could defeat Maryann in the series finale, when i expect she will see her demise!To be honest i am just looking forward to Bill's reaction (moreover Stephen Moyer) when Eric and Sukie get down to it, and whether real life emotion will play a part in the acting he needs to do! I hope he absolutely nails Eric!

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