Episode 6: Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough

On The Amazing Race, fighting couples are always hilarious... until someone starts crying and ruins it for all of us.

Really now, mad is funny, but a girl in tears over how awful the relationship is... it's a little hard to keep laughing.

Darn you, Jennifer, for showing you're a real person.

Now, luckily there was still plenty of hilarious fighting before the tears came for Jennifer in last night's episode.

As promised in the preview, paddling a boat together was just too much strain on Nate and Jennifer's relationship. Screaming, though, is clearly the answer to dealing with your partner, so Jennifer tried that one out, including a couple screeching, I hate you's in there.

But then after they made it out of the water, they hit another snafu - the cab drivers wouldn't take them to the pit stop because they were all wet. Hm, maybe that was from splashing around and fighting like children instead of adults trying to win a million dollars together, let's get serious here guys.

So, what was their solution? Beg and bargain with some ordinary driver to take them! Oh, and then get turned right back around when they got there since that's kind of illegal. They made it back, just one place behind than before, but even with a third place spot, it doesn't look like Jennifer's motivated to keep going in this race.

We saw with Lorena and Jason that sometimes love just ain't enough when you're not meant for the stress of the race, and Nate and Jennifer don't even have that love and drive Lorena and Jason had, so I'm thinking they just might hit rock bottom pretty soon!

All the other teams seem to be improving their bonding instead of falling apart, but the fearsome duo, Kynt and Vyxsin seem like they're going to start their couple's bickering (and screaming) up next week. They've done so great so far, let's hope they don't fall apart too!

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