I See Me, I.C.U.: Where there's a will, there's a way.

Talk about drama - if you want quality, go to the richest and the most shallow of them all!

If the Ugly Betty Mode backstabbers can even get to the sweetest heart of all in Betty, we're all doomed.

But wait, we just get to watch everyone be turned into nasty liars and cheaters... great!

With Betty's realizations about how she's changed working at Mode, though, she's thrown in the towel after Daniel threw it in for her last week then tried to give it back to her this week.

Can the guilt of Mr. Meade's final words asking Betty to take care of Daniel make her return to Mode despite her beliefs she'll only become a horrible person because of it?

Can Betty really escape it all now? Doesn't she need to stand strong and use the job to prove to herself that she's actually changing them, not them her? Though Betty's lied and stolen and all that jazz while at Mode, I can't say she's really a worse person for it.

My guess, considering the show will be a lot weaker if we have to keep up with Betty in a separate life than everyone else, is that when Daniel needs her, she'll pull through and realize that not only Daniel needs her at Mode, but she needs to be there for herself.

This job may cause her to fetch bagels, coffee, wheelchairs and more for Daniel, but it's also brought Betty confidence, great business skills and way more that are actually going to be extremely helpful to her being successful anywhere else.

But enough of that. Let's give Mark's amazingness a moment to shine here. Betty and Henry may be adorable and now super-beyond-adorable as they snuck around together through Mode vents, but without Mark and Amanda, Ugly Betty would be a sad shadow of itself.

Mark is a fashion storm of crazy all by himself, but throw in a little ordainment and cell phone wedding music? Now he's unstoppable. Though unfortunately his amazingness and hilariousness couldn't save his evil mistress. Too bad, so sad, Willy.

It seemed Wilhelmina getting all the power and taking over would be some great drama to watch, but it looks like her continued struggle for power will be even better!

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