The Riches: "Dead Calm" in the Eye of the Storm

It seems that every week on The Riches, I'm more surprised by how they continue to get into the lies and and mess deeper and deeper. This week's episode, "Dead Calm," was basically the ticking bomb of the family secrets exploding all over the Riches' party-filled house!

It's been sad in Season 2 to see Wayne and Dahlia so disconnected and keeping secrets from each other, instead of Season 1 where the family came back together after Dahlia returned from jail.

Dahlia has been slowly falling apart as she knows something's going on with Wayne that he's not telling her (more like a couple something's), and as her family falls apart too with Cael taking off on his own.

It seemed a little strange this episode to not involve Dahlia's parole issues at all beyond a cut off phone call to her parole officer, but it looks from the preview of next week's finale that the issue will definitely rear its ugly head.

This week was more about the trust between Dahlia and Wayne entirely crumbling as Dahlia's questions about Pete came to a head with the private investigator showing up to talk to her at the house, then her discovery of the money supposedly used to pay Pete off hidden in the kitchen.

This P.I. clearly thinks something is up in this family, but oh, how he has no idea! Which was exactly what Dahlia tried to tell Wayne, but he seems so up on his lawyer high horse, yet so wrapped up in all these problems, that he's really not getting how serious this is for the whole family.

So Dahlia finally confronted Wayne to get the truth about Pete - right as Nina and friends busted in for the drunken 70's themed festivities for Jim's birthday... a bit of an interruption.

She finally got the truth later upstairs from the party, leaving everything in a complete state of wreckage, including Dahlia's heartbroken self yelling at Wayne about how their family and marriage have fallen apart in this cursed house.

I'm starting to believe that too, I have to say! It's one thing to live the travelers' life and pillage here and there, but entirely another to take over dead people's lives, leading to an incredible amount of lies, law-breaking, and even more death.

But this break down was far from solving all their problems, even between just Wayne and Dahlia as she ended up in staying upstairs in Sam's mural room doing drugs with a couple party guests. Turns out our TVs still can't hear us as we were yelling at Dahlia not to do it!

Jim showed up to be a friend to Dahlia and help her realize she was not making a good choice, and it was the first time we've gotten to see Jim as his true self. It was nice after knowing him as someone breaking our dear Nina's heart, which made it all the more difficult (as was probably planned) to see him finally so happy, then collapse at his own birthday party!

How terrible!! Poor Nina, and poor Jim's lover! She finally made a good connection with him again at the party as he thanked her and reminded her that he does still love her, but then to lose all of that after having a bit of hope of at least a loving friendship with him was lost.

It was nice to have Dahlia see Nina's need and comfort her while watching Jim's lover break down over Jim. Yep, it's official. The Riches' house is cursed.

This was just a little bit more confirmed as the ambulance drove away and the P.I. was sitting there... death at a crazy party can't be good for keeping your nose clean with the P.I. type.

And so "the Riches" are in deeper yet again. Next week brings us the finale already due to the strike, so it should be interesting to see how they leave us hanging for hopefully a third season to come!

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