SideReel Drama Club: FNL Season 1, Eps 4-6 Reviewed

Drama, drama! So, SideReel Drama Clubbers, what'd you think of this week's batch of Season 1 episodes?

I was not only not disappointed by them, but they got me way more addicted as I got more into the characters and stories of Friday Night Lights!

Because I'm apparently a horrible person who doesn't care enough about the poor kid paralyzed in the hospital, I absolutely loved the attraction, that was clearly partly grief and big emotional issues over Jason, between Llya and Tim to get played out to actually sleeping together!

What I loved about this was it wasn't done in the Gossip Girl fashion (which I love for what it is, but it doesn't fit for FNL) of making it dirty and scandalous that the best friend and the girlfriend were sleeping together, but this showed it as the reaction to the emotions they were feeling that it was.

And, well, they're really hot together, right?? But I also really liked that Lyla didn't just turn into this bad girl who was going to totally rebel because her life has been turned upside-down.

We got the tension of her still visiting the hospital with her real feelings of being a dedicated girlfriend to Jason, but also the tension of Lyla, Tim, and Jason being together for the day when Tim busted Jason out - finally a great friend moment, and the love triangle brought together - love it!

Also in these three episodes we got the drama of what would happen at the actual game, with all the stress on Coach Taylor about playing Matt or Voodoo, then the drama after that of Voodoo's eligibility being under official investigation, which worked out for keeping the team's win, but didn't work out for keeping Voodoo on the team since he took off and left Dillon.

Well, Matt, looks like you're in for some major hero worship, or town-wide shame. Best of luck to you.

It was also interesting to have the fight between football team member Reyes and Matt's buddy Kaster, which ends up with some accusations of racist statements, which turned out to be all a lie from Reyes trying to save his own butt. Turns out even small towns come up with a full range of global issues that make this certainly more than just a high school drama.

But even the high school drama part, like the good girl cheating on her boyfriend, is not so usual as we saw Lyla tell Tim they really had to be done, while the nurse told Jason it wasn't safe for him to have any sort of sexual activity, and then Jason, after what he thought was a great day with his best friend and girlfriend, seeing them hug in an excessively lingering and suspicious way... uh oh.

Looks like we have a whole lot more to look forward to! Can't wait for 3 more delicious episodes next week - tune in for Episodes 7-9 reviewed next Friday and write up your own reviews and comments as well!

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Jul 26, 2008 6:06AM EDT

last year, I was doing the same except i can't watch only 3 episodes in a week, it was more 3 in a day!When I read your comments I really want to rewatch the show another times (I already did it 3 times i think).I could write this review (expect you have a better english than me, I'm french) I feel the same as you expect maybe a little more on the coach and his wife which i really love in this show. best on screen parents for me, so realistic!

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