SideReel Drama Club: FNL Season 1, Eps 1-3 Reviewed

So, do we have any new Friday Night Lights fans?? Well, I for one, am all in on this one after watching the first 3 episodes, so now as promised for our Summer TV Catch-up Club, it's time to really kick off SideReel's Drama Club with the first 3 episodes of Season 1!

Newcomers, feel free to catch up and follow along at any point!

First, any show that can get me teary-eyed in the pilot episode is a winner. Not that I'm not always a sucker for a good romantic story or a tragedy, but FNL really impressed me with their first pitch not just being a pilot episode introducing us to the story and characters, but pulling us so immediately into the story that already in the first episode, we had the injury that paralyzes Jason Street!

But... Jason... we hardly knew ye as a football star! Yet, the dye was cast as already by the end of the pilot, I felt like I did know Jason well enough to be heartbroken for his injury.

So with this big introduction, I absolutely had to watch the next few episodes immediately.

It's fascinating to see the very sad struggle of Jason, his family, and the gorgeous, adorable Lyla against the background and struggles of the football team including Jason's friend Tim beating himself up over Jason's injury, new QB Matt Saracen dealing with major pressure, and of course, Coach Taylor dealing with some major pressures of his own.

One issue we'll see in dramas is the lack of character development and dimensions - from the lighter dramas like ABC Family's new The Secret Life of The American Teenager to bigtime dramas like Grey's Anatomy - sometimes characters just don't push beyond that first dimension of themselves we get to know.

But as opposed to these sometimes underdeveloped characters, I already feel from the first episodes of FNL that I'm getting to know much more of these characters.

We have Llya who is this perfect cheerleader good girl who's going to stand by her football man even when he becomes paralyzed, but then at home, she hears her parents fighting about not believing in her future, plus she yells at her man's bff, Tim, about not coming to visit - good girl, right - until she starts making out with him by her car in the rain - looove it! Yet somehow this didn't make me not like her - just see her as human as I want these characters to be.

Though of course, everything was "just fine" the next day at the hospital - I smell a love triangle!

The coach and his wife are also going to be fantastic characters to follow along with.

Some of this drama may be too much like in the 3rd episode where we got Coach Taylor dragging the guys out in the rain to run wind sprints to get them to straighten up, but I suppose those slightly epic sports moments must exist to work with the personal moments since it's all cause and effect, effect and cause with both the personal situations and football.

Those of you following along, what'd you think? Those who've watched before are welcome to comment as well, but make sure to check where episode 3 left off so you don't give us any spoilers!

Tune in next week and add your 2 cents on Episodes 4-6!

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Jul 18, 2008 5:06PM EDT

Tim Riggins is a dreamboat. That's all I have to say :-).

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Jul 24, 2008 7:59AM EDT

Oh, I give that a big second!! When does this return!? I need more Coach Taylor in my life.

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