SideReel's This Week on TV (11/30/09) with Kendra & Rachel - Featured

The Thanksgiving holiday is over and that means most of the shows we were missing last week are back, and some we've been missing for longer like Scrubs and Dollhouse return as well!

Get the scoop about TV scheduling for the week plus a little Gossip Girl chat from kendra and RachelL here:

SideReel: This Week on TV (11/30/09)

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Nov 30, 2009 9:32PM EST

I actually like these videos so far, you both seem to know what you like and what you are talking about, and your enthusiasm for certain shows, shows >.>
I would like to see more on a wider range of television though. For example some of the shows off the Sidereel picks and top 10 are never mentioned, which I find confusing as they are the shows all wee sidereelers watch. For exmaple Smallville; it's had some great seasons, but started to fall behind a bit, many were surprised it got this new season, though I think it's doing well so far this year.
Supernatural is another great one I have yet to hear mentioned. Sons of Anarchy, Chuck(returning) and etc.. are all worthy news and things we want to hear about.
Basically just expand a bit more, like I said before; a wider range of the television show spectrum.

Nov 30, 2009 10:16PM EST

@snowmanaxt7 Thanks for the feedback, that's all great to know! We'll certainly be talking up Chuck's return, but as you mention, more TV news like that would be worthwhile including in the videos more than right before their return, etc.
We'll make sure to give some shotouts to Smallville, Supernatural and others as well! I'm personally a big fan of Sons of Anarchy as well, and I'd say there are a lot of cable shows that would be fun to talk about we can get to.
Thanks again and feel free to add anything else you think of!

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