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Some half-hearted Royal Pains fans here at SideReel have decided Royal Pains is fun, but that nothing happens of note in the formulaic episodes. But to that, I think last night's 'If I Were a Sick Man' says HA!

Okay, so it wasn't the most exciting episode of television I've ever seen, but for Royal Pains, though I've enjoyed every episode so far, I think this was a step up in the action, both with the cases and the personal storylines. And, after seeing next week's preview, I'd say the plot is only building to more excitement!

This week brought a new level of "Hamptonite" understanding as Hank went to help out "the flat-tire lady," aka Mrs. Newberg, who's designer friend was sick. This led to not just a medical case, but as noted, a very "Hamptonite"experience for Hank and team as Mrs. Newberg insisted they attend a "Bark Mitzvah," yes, a Bar Mitzvah for her dog.

This, luckily, was not just a ridiculous event, but also led to the big case of the week, a full-on illness break-out with the Bark Mitzvah guests, and then a big issue of whether or not they should call County Health who would quarantine the house.

But, before we jump to the end of the episode here, while this quarantine issue was interesting, the personal storylines developed along the way were even better. We started the episode with Hank and Jill in bed talking awkwardly but adorably about how "well, so that happened." As usual, they were interrupted, this time by Tucker who was freaking out about how he thought Libby was cheating on him and pregnant.

When they all ended up at the Bark Mitzvah, this gave Hank and Jill the chance to hang out, then get in a fight about procedure vs. Hank's methods, plus do home surgery on the dog.

While they were busy with all this, Evan's advice to Tucker backfired as Libby caught him going through her purse where he found her birth control pills. Fortunately, Evan may screw a lot of things up, but he also knows how to put the pieces back together, so he talked with Libby, who then talked to Tucker about how the pills were for them as she likes to plan ahead. Intriguing!

So while we may have some teen sex issues for Hank to deal with in the future, the other coupling issue of the episode was even more intriguing - Divya's engaged for an arranged marriage! So, yes, "arranged" makes it sound old-fashioned and not as consentual as hers is, so she called it more of a "strategic" marriage. But it definitely seems like she's been hiding it for reasons - reasons like she doesn't want to get married.

Looks like it's time for Evan to step in and quit the flirtatious bickering to show Divya that they could have a real chance, and that "strategic" marriage isn't the way to go for her... or is it? I can't imagine, though, that all the flirting and head-butting they've built up for Evan and Divya would just lead to her getting and being married.

Can't wait for more developments there! So Evan was continuing to not get the girl, Hank officially got the girl, but with some continued wavering on their relationship, and Tucker found out he had a whole lot more getting to be done! But all that aside, Hank and Jill worked out more of their issues, mainly being that her ex was a doctor and she catered to him, and it was looking to her collages that she was catering to Hank. This ended with a big public kiss planted on Hank, showing Jill's decision not to care what people thought.

So now we have a happy and together Hank and Jill, a happy Evan with at least a brand new "thank you" car re-gifted from Hank, and next week, the case of the extracted shark tooth!

While the case this week wasn't quite as thrilling as next week's looks, it was still pretty cool to see Hank show off his MacGyver medical skills operating on the dog in the kitchen to discover that the dog was the disease-spreading culprit, and it was a bacterial staph infection instead of a viral disease, making the quarantine unnecessary, phew!

So what did you think? Did you think this was the best Royal Pains episode so far? Are you excited to see where the shark plotline goes next week?



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Jul 18, 2009 2:47AM EDT


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Jul 18, 2009 6:54PM EDT

it stuck me as rather odd that none of them were particularly bothered that they all had MRSA

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Jul 21, 2009 3:07AM EDT

The shark intrigues me. Sharks are cool. Not sure I would qualify this as the best so far, but there have only been 6 as yet, and I thought it was decent.
Also, I'm not sure what "collages" Jill has. (I believe the word is "colleagues".)
I doubt Divya's just going to go ahead with the arranged marriage as planned, but I don't want her to suddenly end up with Evan. He's still pretty much tactless. Also, it would not fit Divya's character to rush into things.

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