Royal Pains 1.4: 'TB or Not TB' Review - Featured

While one thing I really enjoy about Royal Pains is that the medical cases aren't the point of the episodes, I did really enjoy the case this week in TB or Not TB.

This week's main case was around an owner and chef of a restaurant having some strange moments of being unable to speak, and then later being unable to remember people and events. While the medical part of this was interesting, as has become normal for Royal Pains episodes, the greatest part was Hank needing to do something crazy with random household (or restaurant) items, as well as forming a friendship with the patient.

But the relationship grown with the chef was by far not the only relationship of interest this week! It's only been four episodes, but I've been impatiently awaiting Hank and Jill getting together, or at least getting a first date. And so they did, though it was no ordinary date, just as I was hoping!

Hank started out deciding he was fine taking Jill to Sunday brunch on his ex-wedding day, which of course fell to pieces. While I was afraid the medical interruption of the chef's stroke was going to make for just another week of non-relationship building for Hank and Jill, it instead just made the beginnings of their dating even better.

Their first date ended up consisting of Hank telling Jill it was supposed to be his wedding day, them rushing to the hospital then rushing around to find the runaway patient, a dangerous procedure in a restaurant kitchen, and then finally later on, an adorably romantic beach picnic!

While it is a bit soon for Hank to be in a full-on relationship mere weeks after his fiance left him, I think just dating will be just right for him, and considering he's entirely starting over, it's good to have a new love interest to pick up one's spirits. But not only did we finally get their first date and a start to their relationship, but we also got a peek at the fact that Jill has some major baggage too. With the way she was talking on the beach about her ex, it sounded like either she and her ex did get married and then broke up, she was left at the alter, or her ex died either soon before or soon after their wedding.

I'm hoping to hear more about Jill's past soon, and also with that more about Hank's past relationship as well since there must be plenty he's thinking about his ex that we're not getting any insight into. Along with that bit of intrigue, we also got some intrigue around where things could go with Evan and Divya, plus intrigue around what on earth Campbell is up to with a shark and other mysterious things hanging around!

As this season develops, I'm liking this show more and more, and liking the characters more as well who continue to develop in interesting ways instead of the possibly flat characters they could have become had the writers let them fall into the simple stereotypes they had to be when we first met them.

So what do you think is next for the developing romances, Hank Med, and the mansion mysteries?


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