Comedy of the Week: We Heart Jim & Pam!

Romeo & Juliet, Scarlett O'Hara & Rhett Butler, Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy, Jim & Pam... ah, the romantic couples of history!

Luckily, our dear Jim and Pam of The Office don't fall under the tragic love stories category, but instead the blissfully happy forever and ever... or so we can hope since we saw Jim's perfect proposal get shot down at the end of last season! (But luckily by Andy instead of Pam.)

So since all comedy has to have its romance, and the best of all romances have their comedy, let's take a day of our Comedy of the Week for some Jim and Pam love!

26 Times Jim And Pam’s Relationship Was Way, Way Too Real

There are plenty more Jim & Pam moments, quotes, and more to love, so feel free to comment adding your own favs!

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