Year in Review: 10 Best Newcomers, Part 1

The Office - Amy Ryan as Holly Flax

One of the biggest tragedies of this season was letting this Office newbie go! But while it lasted, Holly was the most wonderful new addition to The Office we've seen since the great Michael Scott himself. Holly at first came across as just a sweet, cute new HR person, but we very quickly discovered, just like Michael who tried to hate her, there was nothing to hate about this quirky, dry-humored office goddess. She stole our hearts (and Michael's) with her Yoda impressions and rapping skills, then broke them as she was transferred back to her previous branch. Sniff, sniff. A bittersweet romance for us all!

In Plain Sight - Fred Weller as Marshall Mann

This USA Network '08 summer newbie was surprisingly full of dry humor, great cast chemistry, and of course, good drama. But the main surprise in the show was that Mary McCormack didn't steal the show, despite her pumped up role as basically being the show. Instead, she was fantastic, but a lot of that had to do with Fred Weller as her partner in crime-hunting, Marshall Mann. While Mary took more of a typically masculine role in the show as the strong-as-bull partner, Mann held more than his own as he quipped right along with Mary's sarcastic lines and became a fascinating and gotta-have-more character who was much more than just a sidekick with a crush on our main character.

True Blood - Rutina Wesley as Tara Thornton

True Blood is packed with some excellent acting, but the newbie here who has really caught our attention is Rutina Wesley as the saucy, tough, hilarious, and very troubled Tara. Seemingly set up as Sookie's only girlfriend in town to lean on, she evolved into a full character of her own as we delved into Tara's very troubled home life with her alcoholic mom - but of course, True Blood couldn't stop there! We saw Tara struggle with her mother's demons, then the tough-as-nails Tara giving in to her own demons, plus more of her own drama being in love with the sexy but disastrous Jason, and her intriguing relationship with Sam. Wesley is more than a strong newbie to this show as she brought a huge amount of flavor and intrigue to this addicting show and we hope she doesn't get snuffed out anytime soon!

Lipstick Jungle - Robert Buckley as Kirby Atwood

The abs and that adorable smile pretty much say it all, but this newbie surprised us Lipstick fans by not just being some sexy eye (and bed) candy for our lonely Nico, but a sweetie with some real heart under those rippling muscles. While the road has been a little rocky for Lipstick and for Nico and Kirby, in this 2nd season, Kirby has become one of the stronger and more interesting characters of this show both in his own story and in his influence on Nico's life.

Sons of Anarchy - Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller

With some very strong cast members like Ron Perlman and Katey Sagal in this shocking new FX drama, you'd think a TV newbie like Charlie Hunnam would get overshadowed, but throughout the strong 1st season of the show, he has certainly proven otherwise. It seemed he was just going to be that classic bad boy with a soft heart underneath, but instead, Jax had some very memorable scenes showing how tough he really was, and yet showing that tough exterior crack, but not fully break. He has become one of the most interesting new characters and newer TV actors as he graces our eyes with some hotness and some fantastic acting to really get our drama-lovin' blood pumping!

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Dec 31, 2008 12:59AM EST

out of every1 u mentioned here Tara takes d cream, her acting is gonna take her places.

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