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While this Lost finale felt a lot slower than the average thrill-a-minute Lost finale, it still delivered mind-blowing reveals to make this finale just as shocking as the rest!

We got the excitement of actually seeing Jacob right away, but then we spent a while in flashbacks to when Jacob popped up in the survivors' lives, which was interesting, but for a finale where we're dying to see if Jack blows up the island and what happens when Locke confronts Jacob, well, those flashbacks felt a little dull.

Nonetheless, it was interesting to see that Jacob had some sort of powers, and for some reason was seeking out certain moments in the survivors' lives, and it was also interesting to see the Guam flight survivor Ilana also visited by Jacob.

It seems her mission from Jacob was to appear with Locke's body and show the Others that the man parading as Locke was not, but wasn't his timing a little off? Or did he only care about the Others discovering it wasn't Locke, and not about saving himself? Also, how is it that Jacob and Ilana already knew each other? Is she a Richard-type who is an non-aging Jacob messenger?

But of course, we can't get all mysteries answered in the finale before the final season, so I'm still thrilled we got lots of Jacob focus as well as the half-baked answer to "what lies beneath the statue." So while we were left with our minds blown about the fact that Locke was the nameless guy from the beginning of the episode, we also got the thrills of the bomb situation as well!

I got very nervous when Miles intelligently pointed out to the gang that they should think about the fact that maybe Jack and the bomb blowing up could actually be the incident as opposed to being what stopped the incident, but that didn't entirely come true. Yes, Jack didn't really stop Dharma from drilling too far, but he did still throw the bomb down the hole after a very ridiculous yet awesome scene of Kate and crew riding in with the VW van for a full shoot out with the Dharma guys.

We seemed to have our bomb conclusion when Jack threw the bomb down and nothing happened, except the awful sucking in of everything metal to the hole, including a chain that wrapped itself around Juliet's waist!

It was so tragic to see Sawyer holding onto Juliet as she knew there was no chance she could get out, and silly Sawyer quipping about her not being allowed to leave him when moments later Juliet had to let go. But wait! As Kate and Jack pulled a distraught Sawyer away, we saw Juliet at the bottom of the hole - with her eyes open!

My first reaction was how awful it was going to be to see her stabbed with something flying down the hole, but instead we got the big shocker of her beating the bomb into explosion! And Lost Season 5 out.

Now that's the kind of moment we adore Lost for as it leaves our mouths gaping open, with the immediate after-thought of how much we hate this show for leaving us hanging with that kind of cliffhanger for half a year. But maddening or not, I for one am still thrilled enough about all the questions hanging to wait somewhat patiently for the final season to come!

So where on earth can they go from here? Since the bomb blew up, does that mean they changed time and next season will open with the Oceanic survivors landing in LA? Or will there be complications landing them somewhere else in some other time? Also, will all that Jacob stuff matter if they did change time? Plus, why is that guy who wanted to kill Jacob so significant? Share your thoughts and predictions!



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May 14, 2009 5:55PM EDT

Definitely one of the best Lost finales so far. The flashbacks weren't dull at all - they were very interesting, because of Jacob.
I can't even begin to predict how next season will transpire.

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May 15, 2009 3:23AM EDT

no way they changed time, most likly they are sent back to the future...or the past

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May 15, 2009 8:14PM EDT

I think they changed nothing and just created the incident that lead to their plane crashing in the first place, just as Farrady was unable to "not" not tell the little ed head to run away, the future is somewhat set in stone and cannot be change by man, basically they had already done all of that before season one, what we saw was their involvement i their own destiny!!
The past, sawyer etc is all a given i think and the main finally will be in who is Jacob, who is his nemesis and when he said they are coming did he mean the others who now know Locke is a fake or jack and Co??!
All in all i was thoroughly impressed and will treasure the final season as there ha snot been a series as gripping a this in my generation yet :)

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May 16, 2009 12:14AM EDT

I believe Jacob and the nameless-one/Locke are the underlying forces behind the island. The Yin and the Yang if you will.
At the beginning of the episode, Jacob seemed at ease on the island, was wearing white, and seemed to want others to join him on the island. Meanwhile, the nameless one was on edge, wearing black, and quite pessimistic about the arrival of the Black Rock. This also gives us an idea of when it was they were: approximately 150 years ago. If they've been on the island that long, they most likely were always there.

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May 16, 2009 12:30AM EDT

I like the Ying/Yang theory with Jacob/Nameless but if Jacob is presumably killed then there will be utter chaos.
Ilana and the new "good" guys have to be part of this island some how. And I'm still on the fence with Richard...it may seem that he knew Locke wasn't Locke after all. And WHAT THE HELL DID HE SAY IN LATIN?!? the moment they asked him the "shadow" question he gave a slight smirk to Ilana...Damn you LOST for being so frustratingly awesome!

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May 16, 2009 4:59AM EDT

I agree with the whole Yin and Yang, I think it might have something to do with all the ancient temples and tapestries, Jacob and the nameless guy are the islands 'Keepers' so to speak and they must balance each other out to keep the island safe? stable? Im not too sure. It is similar to Widmore and Ben, Ben doesnt kill Widmore in his apartment becasue of "The Rules".
The thing Richard said to Ilana was "He who will protect/save us all." In the beggining both Jacob and the other guy were lying by the statue.
One main thing i realised is that Jack's Dad, Christian was probably the other guy aswell. He spoke to Locke alot so this has been planned for a long time already.This is getting too intense I have Exams to be worrying about. THANKS LOST! hahaha

May 16, 2009 7:43PM EDT

I want to know about the damn polar bears!!!

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May 17, 2009 10:04AM EDT

Yep, the battle of good and evil is on now! From the beginning in Lost we always had the imagery of good vs evil with the Othello games, 'Adam and Eve' having black and white pebbles in their pockets and Claire's vision about John Locke's warning over Aaron and his eyes being covered with black and white. I always got the symbolism of it, but really felt the battle for the island would one day be decided between Aaron and Walt. What was the big deal with him and his funky powers if he has left the island not to return? And the psychic guy making Claire go on 815 to crash on the island? I think Jacob had something to do with that but I hope Cuse and Lindeloff address that in some way.
I'm not gonna hazard a real guess to what we're in store for next season as I'm just gonna enjoy the ride. The flashbacks were ok, but just for the fact I got to see Jack's famous 'five seconds' from the story he told in the pilot and little James writing his letter to Mr. Sawyer. It was kinda cool that Jacob has been in their lives and gives a bit more meat to his character.
Fantastic season all in all, and thoroughly enjoyed its development of the mythology behind the island this year. I was holding on for what destroyed the statue......but I guess I'll have to wait.

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May 18, 2009 2:47PM EDT

OMG I am now left with way to many questions rom this series!! So many questions still to be answered about previous series's yet they still keep throwing more things for you to think about in there.Dont get me wrong i absoloutley love lost but i cant help but feeling a little robbed with the last season.I think i now how its going to end and i have had this theory from the start...Its lookin like its goin that way.I never want the show 2 end as im sure the finale will just be a dissapointment!Why the hell was Jacob in all the flashbacks? for what reason? I think the un-named man looks like he could be richards dad!!! So if the bomb goes off what then?Lost used to be kind of believable but now its just crazy!!! i could go on all night but i dont want to bore you guys!

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May 20, 2009 12:26AM EDT

The finale was AMAZING. the flash backs make me want to know everything right now. how did Jacob know when to show up to like save and protect all the people from the island. who is in Locke's body. what happened to the island with the bomb and everything. what is going on with the time travel its all so insane I love it. One of the best cliff hanger finales ever, even though I agree the pace was slow it still held your attention and made you wonder.

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May 22, 2009 2:55PM EDT

I can't help but feel an 'alien' vibe with the whole pseudo Locke thing. So it isn't Locke, and it can't be any of the other 'mysterious' persons on the island, what, or whom, is it?
All the other seasons seem to suggest that all of the Dharma guys died in an explosion, yet the 'others' were there at the time of the incident. Perhaps time will reset itself, but they can't go back to LA! What would LOST be without an island?

May 26, 2009 10:04AM EDT

Is it me or did Faraday at one point say that it didn't matter if they changed the past/future because what they were living in is their present and that wouldn't change? I have to go back and check but, wouldn't the bomb exploding just kill them and the other timeline can continue as it should have been on the first place if there was no island?
what is going to happen? .....just pop back in place and land in LA? with no memory of what happened?... kind of lame if you ask me...
I get a headache thinking about this. I hope that when he show is over they put out a Lost companion with charts, timelines, connections, graphs and anything immaginable at theit disposal so that I can actually understand half of the things i am SURE I am missing right now....
And oh, yeah.......what's up with the polar bears!?!?!?

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