Top Chef: Wedding Wars

On this week's Top Chef, the chefs were hyped up for their most anticipated challenge: Restaurant Wars! But wait. Padma had something else in store for them which was, well, utterly disappointing and awful: Wedding Wars.

Hooray. Apparently Top Chef decided Restaurant Wars was tired, which I don't think is really true. It gives the chefs a good test since they almost all want to own restaurants, and this season's group were all actually looking forward to doing it.

Maybe the massive disappointments that have come out of the challenge before made them decide it was time for something different, and maybe those disappointing performances made Top Chef look bad for picking "top chefs" who couldn't handle what was supposed to be their specialty and future.

But, whatever the reason, Wedding Wars it was after the chefs competed in the most exciting quickfire yet with a relay race. Stephanie has been a little weaker recently, but she really rocked out at the end of the relay making Mayonnaise like a real pro. She whipped that mayonnaise's butt and the other team single-handedly!

Dale, being on the losing team, threw a bit of a temper tantrum by punching a locker, proving he could really be professional. Nice work, Dale. As Antonia said, "...and then he needed his diaper changed."

But I guess some anger at not winning this challenge made sense considering the monstrosity of the Wedding Wars challenge. The chefs met the bride and groom, then chose who they'd like to cook for, each team needing to cater to the bride/groom's taste for 125 people each.

Now that's some serious cooking! This left the teams cooking all night long, which was far from fun for them, but pretty hilarious for us watching to see just how silly and/or angry everyone got with no sleep.

Dale was the most angry, feeling like he was bearing the weight of his whole team, meaning he was taking on far too much and doing a bad job with all of it. Nikki was supposed to be stepping up for their team since they were going with Italian food and that's her thing, but instead, she let Dale run with all sorts of things that didn't work at all.

The other team was working pretty well together, with Stephanie focusing on the massive wedding cake for the bride - scary!

So, once the chefs got the joy of not only staying up all night to cook, but staying up to go to the wedding and serve, it time to fight it out at the judge's table.

Now, you're not really supposed to do this because it makes you look bad, but Spike just couldn't resist when Dale piped up saying he did everything and his team was awful. Nikki also chimed in saying she most certainly was not heading this team, which did not make the judges happy.

All this madness left a couple of unhappy guys, but an eliminated Nikki, and a shared win for Richard and Stephanie, after Richard asked to share his win with Stephanie for her awesome wedding cake efforts.

Aw, so sweet! Richard seemed like a bit of a pompous guy at first, but he's really growing on me. I was liking him for his super cool skills and kitchen toys, but now he's showing to be awesome all around, so let's hope that keeps on for him to the finals!

Spike and Andrew continue to be hilarious and awesome, but Spike is going to need to cool it down and they both need to step up their cooking game if they're going to make it much further. This probably goes for the rest of the chefs as well, especially applying that "cool it" aspect to Dale!

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May 8, 2008 5:11PM EDT

Andrew was ridiculous last night!"I have a culinary boner right now".Ha. Ha.

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