Royal Pains Season 1, Episode 7: 'Crazy Love' Review - Featured

On this week's Royal Pains, 'Crazy Love,' I expected the focus to be mostly on the Boris shark situation, and a lot was, but overall, the focus was around all of our main characters facing the truth.

This week the tide brought in not only the shark, but two very important visitors: Jill's childhood friend and Divya's fiance! Jill's friend Katie came for a visit to work for Boris on some mysterious research project, which turned out to be the shark, and she turned out to be the one with the shark tooth in her leg. But she wasn't set up as a friend of Jill's just to come stir up shark trouble. Katie was not just helpful in the shark department, but the love department as well. It's always a reality check in a relationship when your new significant other meets your friends who know you very well, and that was certainly the case for Jill.

While it didn't turn out that Jill realized Hank was a jerk or not the one for her, she did realize that she'd dated many an "MSG," aka "My Summer Guy," and had even married one. I'm not entirely sure if she and Hank broke up at the end of the episode, but they at least decided they needed to take it slow. Sure, they're pretty crazy about each other, but he could just be another guy only there for the summer, he did just break up with his fiance, and in general they've had many road bumps in their short romance already.

Also on the romance reality check train we had our dear Divya. I was feeling skeptical when this "strategic" marriage was first introduced, but I'm glad they quickly brought the guy into the picture, even if we barely saw him in this episode. It became clear from his brief visit that they were good childhood friends, but there was absolutely no spark or romance between them.

The case this week helped out with Divya's revelation as she treated a woman crazy in love with her rich husband in irrational ways. As Divya judged and looked down upon this woman, she also quickly realized that while she may not want that crazy of "brainwashed" love, she did want something that was real love with some passion.

It was interesting to see her not just turn immediately to breaking up with her fiance when he was leaving, but shocked him with an attempted passionate kiss that didn't particularly work out. I can only now assume from her breaking down to Hank, who was also conveniently at the dock when she said goodbye, that a break up is very soon in her future. I appreciate that we saw the relationship briefly and that it seems this is going to rock Divya's usually steady boat enough to make her a more complex and interesting character.

The case this week also led to some revelations for the couple involved which, as noted, helped Divya come to a realization for her own romantic life, helped Evan understand a little something about real love, and helped the couple realize they were really that crazy about each other, tracking device and money aside!

Yes, that's a little insane, but I have to say it's not many a show that can pull off a storyline like a husband getting a tracking device implanted in his wife with her boob job. I guess the ridiculousness of the rich in the Hamptons gives to many an unusual and off-the-wall case without the need for believability in the "real world."

And finally, after all that romantic turmoil, we were left with the non-romantic revelation that Boris was not the healthy, shark-owning, extremely generous millionaire he appeared. Well, he is all of those things except for healthy - making it suddenly much more interesting that he wanted Hank living at his mansion!

With all the private disclosure around Hank's new concierge business, I was surprised to hear that Boris is very sick and didn't just tell Hank. Isn't the point of having a concierge doctor around to discreetly deal with your ailments? Perhaps Boris wanted him close just in case something happened, but kept it to himself until he knew Hank could be trusted... yet why then did he run off to who knows where when he discovered from Hank's blood tests that he was very sick?

Hopefully we'll get more on that next week! Also, I'm curious to see how all the romances now slowed down or probably soon broken off will fare as we move along. I'd be happy to see Hank deal more with why he's there and getting over his past relationship, but there's only so much of that that's interesting to watch! So what do you think? What will happen next for Boris, for Hank and Jill, and for Divya (and maybe Evan)?


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