The Bachelorette's Sparks are Flyin' Now!

With plenty of conflict between the guys on The Bachelorette, I thought DeAnna made it plenty clear last week after calling out Ron for giving Jeremy a hard time (which ended in Ron going home), that she wasn't going to have it from these guys when it came to bullying each other around over her.

But apparently the guys didn't quite get it as this week they made DeAnna cry over it... nice job, boys. Hope you're real proud of yourself making your "future wife" cry.

While the boys thought they were being cute and creative by having a party including DeAnna and the mansion boys down at the bunkhouse, this went incredibly sour when Robert couldn't take a joke, or the hustle, from the other guys about being in the house and his date that night.

Yeah, it's stressful to have a two-on-one date where one of you has to go home that night, but, uh, I don't think the way to win that woman's heart is by throwing your kiddie table chair over your head and pouting.

Robert walking off to stew alone was not the answer, though I could see why that would make sense to him not to pull her aside to talk about being upset in the middle of a party.

But for DeAnna, she would have no such consideration, but instead wanted honesty, smonesty, and after an unsuccessful chat with Robert, decided to address the whole group of boys about her disappointment.

But this was not the worst drama of the evening! DeAnna is a big fan of not leading people on after her trouble with Brad, so she'd gotten pretty cutthroat, though she does it in such a sweet and emotional way... how does she do it??

Last time it was Richard we saw kindly kicked to the curb when DeAnna decided in the middle of a romantic carriage ride that there was just not going to be any romance for them.

She also, finally, did the same to our pouting friend, Robert, who definitely didn't have that romantic (or any) connection with her either. So hooray for our buddy Fred sticking around! Sure, he isn't really one we suspected of a connection with DeAnna either, but he's darn fun to watch being such a good guy.

But no! DeAnna will have no good buddies in her group of abs-o'-steel bachelors.

Poor Fred got the joy of knowing he got to stick around when Robert left, but then the not so joyfulness of DeAnna coming back to cut him as well - ouch. Luckily, she cut him because he was that sweet, friendly guy, but one she just couldn't see a romantic future with, and he reacted to her dropping him exactly like that sweet guy he is.

It seemed that was a good wake-up call to the guys back at the bunkhouse seeing both guys' suitcases taken away that there was just no way someone was staying once DeAnna saw there wouldn't be anything between them.

This really works out for all of us as it'll probably get DeAnna a good match, and it really mixes things up making for some good TV watching!

Now she's down to just six guys: Graham, Jason, Jeremy, Jesse, Sean, and Twilley. My "wild guess" is that Sean and Twilley are the next to go as, I'm sorry, what connection exactly does she have with these guys? But hey, DeAnna's one for twists in this "game," so we'll see where she takes us next!

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Jun 12, 2008 9:14AM EDT

I agree that Twilley, then Sean, will surely go next, though the previews show her kissing Sean, so who knows? After that surely Jesse, as though he's good for some light-hearted fun and seems a good guy, I don't think she sees herself married to him. Graham will probably go after that because though she feels great chemistry with him, he's afraid of commitment and not a good communicator, which isn't something she wants to face long-term...she wants someone who is ready for what she is. The final two are surely Jeremy and Jason, whom she has the obvious connections with... and though her first connection was with Jeremy, I think he may not have the personality she's looking for- he's quiet and appears not very social really, and I just think she's going to begin to question the overall compatibility there as she has such a social and open nature. So that leaves Jason as my pick to win- he does have a child, but I think she secretly really admires him for being a devoted, single dad and knows that's the kind of man she would want as a husband and father to her children. Plus he's hot! More importantly though, he does seem warm, sincere, and caring, which matters so much to her.

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