Lost: Recap & Review of the Season 3 Finale

It's been a while since we saw the intense Season 3 finale of Lost, so let's take a look back at where we left our survivors.

The shock that Ben wasn't lying for once when he said Naomi wasn't from Penny's boat was almost overtaken by the fact that when someone came through on the screen in front of Charlie that it was Penny herself! Of course they had to make the moment as heartbreaking and as chalk-full of cliffhangers as possible by not only not allowing Desmond to talk to Penny, but to have Charlie dying while telling Desmond about Naomi... right as Jack makes contact with that very boat back on the island!

The utter heartbreak of Charlie sacrificing himself to do what he thought would save his friends was far from forgotten especially for those who've been hopeful Charlie could somehow survive after all of Desmond's flashes of his death.

Maybe Season 4 will reveal Charlie actually made it out alive, but with the track record of Lost taking out main characters, I can sadly say he probably doesn't have much of a chance.

And the final shock after all of this: Jack's flashbacks are nothing of the sort, but instead are flashes of the future after getting off the island! Which they weren't meant to do...

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